Thursday, April 23, 2009

after a very long interval.

I miss this. Freshly typed words. Overflowing ideas. The moods im in when my fingers search for the letters of the words to the sentences that had formed in my head and are ready and anxious to be typed and written.

My return does not bring wisdom, nor excitement. I just feel like writing for an outlet for these rush of emotions that I cannot hold in.

I dont really know what to write. Should it be detailed? About what made me feel how I am feeling right now.

Or should I just write anything that comes to mind? A poem maybe? I dont know. Right now.. My thoughts are a whirlpool of emotions. And I cant seem to break free. The songs that I'm listening to arent helping either.

I guess. I cant really say it here huh. Maybe I'll write something later. Right now,this is all I've got.