Thursday, October 13, 2011

Milow & Marit Larsen - Out of My Hands

Movies unwatched. Books piled in the room, with the pages still unturned. Listening to music without actually listening. Some things are just coming and going. Some things are just static and not moving. Thoughts are swirling in my already too pre-occupied mind. I am trying to make sense of things. I wish it was easier, but it never is. I am not sure as to why, it hurts.. So, this month started great but now my walls are thickening and it is closing in. I dont blame anyone. This is all me. It is just my way of reacting to your silence.

What is becoming of me? I need to shake myself awake and focus. I need to find myself. This is not me. I am not weak.

I hope I am wrong about you -- but something tells me that I dont want to find out. Im too scared to even try. It's out of my hands.

"I made the call just too late,I just thought I could wait for one more day, in the time that passed, you went down so fast."

"Out of my reach, out of my hands, I didn't understand, I would have changed all my plans."

"At four a.m., some battles fought are battles won, but this ain't one of them, one more shadow cast, you went down so fast."

"I let you go."