Friday, September 21, 2012

No bake cheesecake ; raspberry syrup coulis

This is my first time making s no bake cheesecake -- well any cheesecake at all. Lets just say I was running around Jaya Grocer with just a little idea on what it would need. I forgot to bring the recipe. So stocked the cart with milk,whipping cream,cream cheese and frozen raspberries. I still had a few ingredients from when i was making my marshmallow cake. That requires no baking either. Let me tell you, all you need is some jello or gelatin. I have bad experiences with those two. Cant really find one that makes a really good jello -- but i found Jell-o to be quiet good. The gelatin on the other hand, I found one that's halal in jaya grocer that's just fine.

When I was at home I decided to just make a quick one and see how it'll turn out. No recipes,just some guidelines on the internet and a lot of improvisation. To the ingredients above, (minus the milk -- i'll use this later on a chocolate cake) I added sugar,lemon juice,gelatin and vanilla extract. Pour the mixture into a ready-made Oreo crust (have I mentioned how much I love Jaya Grocer?) and -- Voila! T the refrigerator they go. Leave to freeze and cool for a few hours. The raspberry syrup coulis is basically sugar dissolved in water in a pan over small heat, pour in the frozen raspberries and just stir gently. I pour a tablespoon of lemon juice for more flavour and add about 2 tsp of gelatin, that's it. The water will turn reddish and you let it cool before you store it in the fridge.

Take a slice and put in on a plate. Pour some syrup on it and dont forget the raspberries!