Friday, September 21, 2012

No bake cheesecake ; raspberry syrup coulis

This is my first time making s no bake cheesecake -- well any cheesecake at all. Lets just say I was running around Jaya Grocer with just a little idea on what it would need. I forgot to bring the recipe. So stocked the cart with milk,whipping cream,cream cheese and frozen raspberries. I still had a few ingredients from when i was making my marshmallow cake. That requires no baking either. Let me tell you, all you need is some jello or gelatin. I have bad experiences with those two. Cant really find one that makes a really good jello -- but i found Jell-o to be quiet good. The gelatin on the other hand, I found one that's halal in jaya grocer that's just fine.

When I was at home I decided to just make a quick one and see how it'll turn out. No recipes,just some guidelines on the internet and a lot of improvisation. To the ingredients above, (minus the milk -- i'll use this later on a chocolate cake) I added sugar,lemon juice,gelatin and vanilla extract. Pour the mixture into a ready-made Oreo crust (have I mentioned how much I love Jaya Grocer?) and -- Voila! T the refrigerator they go. Leave to freeze and cool for a few hours. The raspberry syrup coulis is basically sugar dissolved in water in a pan over small heat, pour in the frozen raspberries and just stir gently. I pour a tablespoon of lemon juice for more flavour and add about 2 tsp of gelatin, that's it. The water will turn reddish and you let it cool before you store it in the fridge.

Take a slice and put in on a plate. Pour some syrup on it and dont forget the raspberries!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Long interval, maybe it's time for a revival?

I would like to apologize for the long interval from my last post to a new one. I hope that I can write more in this blog, because don't get me wrong -- I love writing. It's the one thing that I know how to do ever since I was younger. My parents always thought that I would end up being a journalist, instead I read more than write most days, now -- although, I am required to write pages and pages long during law exams. Now, let me tell you -- that is not as satisfying as writing your own freshly thought words, and putting them down on paper or in this case typing it in a blog. :)

Exams are over! Hooray for that! We have 3 weeks break before the new semester starts.

At least, that's what I thought. *sigh* As the exams finishes, our gruelling dance practices starts. Not a very joyful prospect when you think of all the things you can be doing in a 3 week break, instead of coming back to Malacca and stress yourself over the dance routine you have long forgotten since Exam Week started.

So, I will list down some updates that I have yet to post about;

-Cooked at home with friends (Ayam Masak Merah, Teriyaki Chicken w/ Mixed Veggies, Baked Potato)

-Went to the funfair here in Malacca and played darts w/ friends, won 5 bears (small ones!) & we played bumper cars.

-Finally watched Underworld: Awakening

-Finished reading the book by Ally Condie called Matched (awesome book, though a little slow)

-Went to Bunkface Studio in SS15 and watched some friends jammed to new tunes that they created (which was pretty awesome) & hung out w/ childhood friends at Rasta.

-Went to Jaya Jusco to find some things that I need to buy for my room, and helped my friends find what they need for their rooms.

-Thinking of cutting my hair! Maybe tomorrow!

-Found out our choreographer is asking for 10K ; consisting of his payment, costume budget, accessories budget, props, etc. So I am stressing right now. Are you kidding me?

I think I skipped some things. I am too tired right now. I have an early day tomorrow, so I think that's it for now. I'll update more as soon as I can, or if my head haven't burst from all the stress and hectic schedule.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cant talk, gotta move move move!


Friday, February 10, 2012

New ; Old ; Canvas of feelings

I know, I know. I still haven't been posting. I've been really busy, and again, I am sorry. Some have been asking for new posts, and I said I would write soon. I hope this will keep you company. This is an old post from an old blog, but I thought of posting it here -- today. Mind you, this is at least a few years old. I promise I'll post a new one soon! Until then, enjoy!

If feelings can be captured in a photograph. Or painted on a blank canvas. Wouldn’t it be easier? Or would it just be embarrassing? I tried to figure out how someone can change. Can leave something behind. Something that once made them who they are. Made them complete. It's hard to picture being lost in a world without love. Or guidance. Or is it we only need life and our five senses to make it through the day. It's somehow a puzzle to me. How something so familiar can turn into something so unfamiliar. How can you love today. And not the next day. How can you say that you are in love and then just say I’m not anymore in a matter of hours, minutes, seconds. Someone asked me "Do you believe in love?" It got me thinking. Do I believe in it? I could just barely answer. "If believing in my family means that I believe in love. Then yes."  --  "I believe in my friends. So if believing in them makes me believe in love. Then yes."  It's all too simple and too matter-of-fact, but it makes sense to me. Maybe it wont to you. But it does to me. If someone tells me I think too much about these things. Then I’d say, yes I do. And there's nothing wrong with it. I’m simply just figuring out if the saying that 'love makes the world go round' is true. If you believe in it too much. It'll poison you. It will tell you to do things that you normally wouldn’t do. Stupid things. Denial. Embrace it when it's in front of you. That feeling. Let it seep into you. But walk away when it's holding a spoonful of rat's poison in front of your face. Walk away. Just walk away, love.

Why do people want to change. For the better. Or for worse. Can they change? How much guilt would you carry if changing hurt other people around you? Will there be any chance of redeeming yourself.. I never thought about it much. About being someone else when you're not. At the end of the day. You are who you are. And even if you had a face lift. Botox inserted into your lips. Contact lenses. Liposuction. Nose job and some boob job, maybe. You are STILL who you are. But growing up. Will that change you? You were this smart-ass kid living your life. Doing things that you're not proud of but you do it anyway because the years are still long. You hang out with your smart-ass friends getting high, drunk and smoked. Fast-forward 3 years ahead. You're suddenly this college kid. You're stuck doing home works instead of doing weeds. Or is it fast forward till you're in your late 20s. You're married with a kid and a husband that can’t find time to come home from work. The point is. You grow up. There's no point in remembering the past. That's you growing up. Trying to find a place in the world. Trying to find answers and eventually stumble onto a path that’ll lead you somewhere. Somewhere. Anywhere. It doesn’t matter.

So do I think people can change? Only a bit, I think. Not everything. You can never change everything, but being in denial about your changes. That makes it more complicated. Like you feel you're toxic to people around you. That's a problem. You push people away. You think that everything is about you. People are saying things about you when they're not even thinking about you. You feel angry and sad. You kick and scream. You push all the drugs that you can find into your bloodstream -- waiting for it to be absorbed -- waiting for it to do its job -- but the end of the day? Another day just passed with you drifting by unnoticed. Is that really what you want?

These feelings inside of you, they are there for reasons we do not know. But they are there because they are meant to be there. The feeling of happiness when you achieve something -- the feeling of sadness when you lose something -- the feeling of anger when something is wronged -- the feeling of determination when you strive for something -- the feeling of completeness when you discover a part of you that you've been searching for? All these things, they are there for a reason. Some people say these things are a sign of weakness. Some people say it's a blessing. You be the judge.

Until the next one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brief update!

I havent been posting! NOOOOO!


I am sorry for the lack of posts that is due to a very packed schedule and daily activities that I could not find time to post anything new.

OK, fine. I was out for karaoke, movies, coffee-dates, cooking dinner with friends and recuperating from hectic dance practices.

I have some photos that I took, that I'd love to upload. I'll upload them soon. It will be probably tonight. After dinner! Zette is cooking spaghetti right now. Since I made Ayam Masak Merah Pedas the day before yesterday, so now it's her turn to cook. WHHEE! The others will be coming soon -- I can’t wait for dinner!

I've been holed up in my room since this morning! I was looking around the internet for any freelance writing jobs. Anyone know any? Something simple, where I will write on a topic and send it. Good pay and flexible. IF anyone do know any, please contact me!

So -- more updates soon!

P/S : Probably be brief updates too, since I am having my finals next week. I have a ton of reading to do. It's no picnic being a law student, no. I love reading, so it's not really a problem but still it's hard work. So, until the next one!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Caramel comes from bees? No?

When Shima came back from New Zealand, she came back bearing gifts. She gave me a friendship bracelet which is really beautiful, and she brought back a bag filled with Cadbury chocolates and products. The first thing I tried was a type of Licorice. Lets just say, I was so hungry I opened it up right after she handed it to me and popped one into my mouth. It was not small, either. I was so surprised of the taste, that I thought it was a milder type of Hacks sweets. It tasted so weird that I decided to try another one, which looked more promising. I regretted it as soon as I put it in my mouth. Molasses does not taste great. I finished it up just so that it wouldnt be a waste. I mean she brought it back from New Zealand, these things dont come easy, you know. Better savour it, no matter the taste. I was thankful that she even thought of bringing something for us. Well, I was not surprised -- she is a sweetheart after all. That's one of the things why all of us love her. 

So to wash the taste off, we decided to taste this. Looked delicious and the combination sounds good.  It's marshmallow covered with caramel and chocolate. As you can see it is called Buzz.

While we were eating ( which I took two! ) -- I started to wonder about something.. I mean, look at the cover! What does a bee have anything to do with it? I mean bees doesnt produce chocolate / marshmallow / caramel, right? Or am I missing something? I dont think so. 

So the conversation went something like this :

Me : Jap, kenapa ada gambar lebah? Bukan lebah buat madu ke? Caramel dari apa? (Wait, why is there a picture of a bee? Dont bees make honey? Then what's caramel?)

Dome : Memang tak la, takde kena mengena pun. ( No, there's no connection at all, yeah it doesnt make sense.)

With confidence and certainty,
Zette : Caramel tu kan gula hangus *staring ahead* (Cause caramel is burnt sugar)

Everyone looked at her and there goes an awkward moment, until she realized that sugar doesnt come from bees either.

Zette : Ohhhh. Ha ah, gula buat dari tebu. So memang takde kena mengena pun. Haha. Kenapa ada gambar lebah?(Ohhh, yeaahh. Sugar is made from sugarcane. So, there's no connection at all. Haha. Why is there a picture of a bee?)

Me : Sebab tu aku tanya tadi. Apa kaitannya. -____-" (That's what I just asked..)

Excuse her, she was having her blank/blur moments. She wasnt really paying attention. She said she saw bees when she thought about sugar. Haha. She cracks me up all the time. I can always count on my friends to make me laugh. 

So help me with this. Do you see what I mean? What's the connection between a rapper bee on a skateboard with what we were eating? Marketing? Why does a rapper bee on a skateboard sells it? Why cant a picture of a marshmallow covered with caramel jumping into chocolate be more effective? Either way, I still ate two because it was delicious! Sorry there weren't pictures of the food itself, since I put it in my mouth faster than you can say 'rapper bee on a skateboard is cool yo!'

Until the next one! Going to go get ready and send Dome to Melaka Central since he's going back to KL && lunch with the girls! Whoot! :D

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nasi Ayam Menangis!

So ---- SHE'S BACK!
She's been away to New Zealand with her family, so we havent seen her in a while. So, it's good to have everyone finally back in Malacca. First it was just Bella, Dome & I. Then Zette came back, so now Shima is back. So, the Four-Clover Leaf is back together. After she arrived, we went out for a late lunch. We went to this place called Nasi Ayam Menangis in Bachang. I've never been there before, so thought that I should give it a try. 
Why is it called Nasi Ayam Menangis, you ask?? Well, it is said that if you eat the 'sambal' or chilli paste, you will cry -- since it's really spicy. It was OK for me, I cant really judge since I usually eat spicy food. They put a jar filled with the 'sambal' and you can eat as much as you like. So, that's a plus point for me. Give it a try! It's just past the Melaka Central (on your right ; Tesco on your left) traffic light, then turn right at the first traffic light. You will see it on your left. 

**cant update much, since I am late for dance practice. So, I'll update more soon! Enjoy the photos! :)

P/S : If you're reading this Mot, thank you for the chocolates and the friendship bracelet. I love it! ♡ I love you, more than a love song, baby!


It's Supposed-To-Be-Laksa Day!

Since Zette came back from Malacca, we decided to head to Jonker and get some Laksa. Since it's been a while since we've done this -- we decided to get dolled up. She picked the skirt out for me, and I called Bella to wear something nice. So there we were, happily driving by the Laksa place to find a parking -- and disappointed to find out that it's actually CLOSE for today. So, we rounded the next corner and decided to eat -- where else? than -- at Calanthe Art Cafe. Again?? Yes, yet again. I thought of getting the Laksa there, but settled on our all time fav there, Butter Chicken w/ Rice. Zette ordered the Laksa, so you can see what it looks like in the pictures. Joseph, the manager came and gave us some oranges. So yeay, for that. 

The day turned out to be a photo-session for all of us, since we got bored. Thought of going to the Laksa place to take some pictures of the food, so you can see them. Oh well, maybe next time. If you are ever in Malacca and you dont know where to go, just comment me, and I'll be glad to guide you to some of the places I know and love. :)

Outfit Of The Day :
♡ Sleeveless tee from My Tee Story by Jonker Gallery ; Maxi Skirt from Bundle in Seremban ; Wedges from Vincci ; Bangles from Diva ; Peacock Necklace (which Zette & I have, yes it's the same :D ) from a vendor in MMU Malacca

If you're wondering what Zette & Bella's OOTD was -- just ask. :)

Until the next one! Tata!

P/S : Cant wait for Shima's arrival tomorrow. We're going to this Nasi Ayam place, where they say -- when you eat there, you tend to cry -- since it's so spicy. Whoot! Gah, I should not eat this much! I cant help it!

&&& Oh yeah, I hate how I look in the photos because I look really tall/big compared to them. -___-"

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bookworm ; Chick Lit ; Lindsey Kelk !

I got them both from MPH in Subang Parade. Still have another RM100 to go. So, these are the books that I found interesting -- well, in a chick-lit-interesting kind of way. I was waiting for the 'I heart Vegas' since last year, so was really excited to find this one on the shelf. I even held back the urges to buy some other books I found while I was in Malacca. Thought better of it, and decided to wait till I was in KL. So, I first went to POPULAR in Sunway Pyramid, but was disappointed. I didnt even find anything from the author Paige Toon -- other than the ones I already have - let alone anything from Lindsey Kelk. So, decided to postpone going back to Malacca due to personal matters and --well, this.*smiles*

 I went to Subang Parade and HOORAY! Found the 'I heart Vegas' book. I was stoked! Except I couldnt find any books from Paige Toon, which the computer lied to me. I searched the MPH books availability and it said there were some books that I wanted there, but it was misleading. So, I picked another one and settled with one from Alexandra Potter. I read 'Me and Mr Darcy' from her before. Wasn't too thrilled, but I loved Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen -- thought of giving the book a try since, who am I kidding? A 21st century Mr Darcy? Who wouldnt want that!

So here are the synopsis for both :

I heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk 
♡ Angela Clark loves her life in New York. She a Brit who's conquered the Big Apple. Unfortunately, she's also a Brit who's lost her job. And when, just a couple of weeks before Christmas, the immigration department gets wind of this, Angela needs to find a new job urgently. Or a husband. And she doesn't think her boyfriend Alex will be keen. A girls' weekend in Vegas with her best friend Jenny seems the perfect way to forget her troubles. From the minute they arrive Angela is swept up in a whirl of cocktails, outrageous outfits, late nights and brushes with the chapel of love. But rather than escaping trouble, Angela is up to her neck in it!. But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas -- right? With a bonus Angela's Guide to Vegas - the ultimate city break guide!

Calling Romeo by Alexandra Potter
♡ What is the worst thing that could happen to you on Valentine's Day? 1) Getting stood up by your long term boyfriend? 2) Having to spend the evening alone? 3) Being drenched by an idiot driving a sports car?
When all three happen to Juliet on the same night, she reckons her love life cant get any worse. But it's actually about to get a whole lot more complicated.. Because the driver of the sports car is revealed to be her arch business rival. She knows she should stay away. Except it's not that easy. Sykes is determine to sweep her off her feet and away from her boyfriend Will. But is it worth risking everything for? Are they really destined to be star-crossed lovers? Or is Romeo actually a little closer to home?

So here is all of the 'I heart' series! I have all of them and they're really good for light-reading. I didn't thought much of it when I first bought it. Actually I bought the 'I heart Paris' first before the other two. Since, I am really into anything Paris/France-related. One of my wish is to explore the wonders of the place one day. Among the other countries in my list. Loved the Paris book, found out that it's actually a series -- so went to the bookstore and got myself the first one, New York and the second, Hollywood. The characters are very well-written and I love how they're unique in their own way. Yes, I know there are tons of chick lit, nowadays. Trust me, these books are really good if you want something fun to read. 

So here's the synopsis for the books in this series :

I Heart New York
♡ It’s official. Angela Clarke is in love — with the most fabulous city in the world. Fleeing her cheating boyfriend and clutching little more than a crumpled bridesmaid dress, a pair of Louboutins and her passport, Angela jumps on a plane, destination – NYC. Holed up in a cute hotel room, Angela gets a New York makeover from her NBF Jenny and a whirlwind tour of the city that never sleeps. Before she knows it, Angela is dating two sexy guys. And, best of all, she gets to write about it in her new blog (Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out). But it’s one thing telling readers about your romantic dilemmas, it’s another figuring them out for yourself ! Angela has fallen head over heels for the big apple, but does she heart New York more than home?

I Heart Hollywood
♡ Celebs, sunshine and beautiful boys!enough to lead a girl astray? Angela Clark can't believe her luck! she's an English girl living in New York with a dream job at hip magazine The Look and a sexy boyfriend. Her latest assignment takes her to Hollywood to interview hot actor and fellow Brit James Jacobs.Thrown in at the deep end she heads west with best friend Jenny dreaming of Rodeo Drive and Malibu beach. Soon Angela discovers that celebrity life in Hollywood is not all glamour, gloss and sunshine. Despite his lady-killer reputation, the only person who seems genuine is James. Then a paparazzi snaps them in an uncompromising position and suddenly Angela is thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons! Can she convince all those close to her -- especially her boss and her boyfriend -- not to believe everything they read? And will Hollywood ever win Angela's heart?

I Heart Paris (my fav!)
♡ Angela is in the city of love -- but romance is taking a nose-dive! When Angela Clark's boyfriend Alex suggests a trip to Paris at the same time as hip fashion mag Belle asks her to write a piece, she jumps at the chance. But even as she's falling for the joie de vivre of Paris, someone's conspiring to sabotage her big break. And when she spots Alex having a tete-a-tete with his ex in a local bar, Angela's dreams of Parisian passion all start crashing down around her. With London and her old life only a train journey away, Angela can't decide if should stay and face the music or run away home!

Try them, girls! You wont be disappointed. The dynamic between Angela & Alex is -- indescribable. They'll take you on a journey, that might be yours if you're lucky enough :) If so, I envy you. Haha!

Until the next one! BYEE!

Be your own self! Respect!

There are a few times where I encounter these kinds of situations -- the kind of people who doesnt have their own personal identity that they feel the need to compete with other people at their lives, just so they can have public validation. Sometimes they compete with a lot of different people that they meet in life, or sometimes they just pick one and in turn making that other person's life a miserable one. Mostly, these kinds of people are usually alone, or attached to the girlfriend/boyfriend (if they have any), with no friends. Yes, no friends. How can someone who are always envious with someone else's life have any friends? It's easy -- they dont have any friends that they can actually feel secured about.

OK, this is just something I have an opinion about. If you have this kind of life, then be my guest -- but let me ask you something -- wouldnt it be better if you dont? Wouldnt it be better if you have something you can hold on to and that's yours? That you have your own identity? That you have things that are unique to yourself, and you dont have to constantly chase for other people's opportunities and actually earn your own?

Well, let me tell you something. Having your own thing is better. Really. All I am saying is that being your own person is better than trying to be someone else just because they look like they have everything that life has to offer. If you ask me, no -- they dont have everything that life has to offer. They're just like any other human beings, no one is perfect. Neither are you. So what can we do? Be the best that we can be.

If you've always felt that, "Oh man, he/she has that! I should get that! That looks cool, I should be the one who looks cool instead of him/her" or "maybe if I be more like him/her, people will notice me, so i'll have more people that knows me, popularity upped! yes!" or "oh he/she looks good in that, eff him/her, i'll look better in that, so people will notice me instead of him/her" or "oh he/she has new friends, yeah, i can be friends with them too, add!"
**ignore the enthusiasm.

You know that kind of feeling of never being satisfied? You know why? Because when this happens, you are usually doing things that other people love, not what you really love. Having someone else's interests just for the sake of it or for the sake of trying to make other people notice you. That's not right.. It's just not. Let me ask you -- would you rather people notice you because of you or because of something that you're not even sure is you. I'm putting all of my money on being who I am. It doesnt matter, really, if some people dont really like you -- you cant really make everyone like you. That's just how it works. I am just thankful that those that are close to me, knows what I am like and knows who I aspire to be.

I never quite understood this attention-seeking hype. Maybe I am from a different generation probably? I dont really think so. Maybe the different upbringing? All in all, I am very lucky to be surrounded by people who are nothing like that. OK, not all of them. I tend to distance myself from whoever I feel might make me tick like a timebomb. I usually just surround myself with people that are similar to me, but yet so different. So we dont have to compete for much really, because our interests are different.

Life is hard enough, with everything else. Why do you want to make it more complicated. Just be yourself, and just do whatever you want in life. Never look at someone's life and envy them to the extent that you think that they have more than you, and that life is unfair. They might have something more that you have in one thing -- or maybe two -- BUT! That's because they probably worked hard for it. Everything happens for a reason. Dont chase, dont always think like you're in a race. Live your life at your own pace. Be your own self and enjoy it, savour it. Most of the time, happiness is just right in front of you. It's not that life is unfair, it's just how it is. You have to put in some effort for it to be how you want it to be. If you gain something by hurting someone else, then do you really think it'll last? Have some faith in yourself, because no matter what, you'll be the one living it. Make your own calls, and be your own person. It's liberating.

It's free.

Try it.

Until the next one, this one is getting too long :)

Sending some love!

Top 5? I am sending out some love right now to all the readers/bloggers!

I just discovered this, thanks for reading my blog. Drop some comments because I'd like to know you more. If you want me to link you from my blog, then you can just leave me some comments. I'm not sure if this is a common thing, but I am thankful to those who does read what I write, since this is one way for you to get to know me. This post goes out to all of you, out there! Whoot! 

So it's getting late. It'll be a very busy day tomorrow, so I better get some shut-eye! 

Until the next one! Tata!

We're not the same -- but similar -- yet different!


This was taken ages ago during MyNPL at Dataran Pahlawan. Uploaded this since we dont have a lot of pictures together. So she's back! I picked her up from the bus terminal here in Malacca around 7pm and head to dinner -- Asam Pedas Claypot Laksamana -- since all of us was starving. It's been a week since we hung out, had lots to talk about. Then it was straight to practice. If you're wondering who she is -- she's my housemate AND she's one of my closest friend here in Malacca, other than Bella,Shima & Dome. We're usually mistaken as twins, what do you guys think? I dont think we look that much a like though, but yeah we're close. I guess because we're always together, that's why people think that.

So, tomorrow we're going to go out for some therapy food and our catch-up session. I'll post any updates soon.

Can't wait for Shima's arrival to Malacca this Wednesday, embarrassing moments planned for Hadi when we hang out this weekend with everyone & Nakid's visit. All in all, this is going to be a very packed week -- filled with hanging-outs at our favourite places, eating wonderful foods, sight-seeing, friendly banters, very loud laughters and our most-missed-activity ; driving around places screaming in the car.

Yeah, that's about it. Btw, please ignore the me in the picture above. I had bangs last year and yes I know, they look awful.

Monday, January 30, 2012

A random memory!

We were all dolled up on Saturday to go out. She was wearing this long grey leopard print dress, while i was in a blue polkadot loose tee worn with jeans.

This was what happened, in front of the lift.

*waiting for the lift to come up*
I said to her, "Oh, kita pg makan dekat mamak tau." ("Oh, we're actually going to eat at a Mamak, today.")

She actually made this face when she looked back at me, shaking her head.

It made me laugh. I knew she was going to do that.

Oh well, thanks for visiting me. I'll see you soon. Sorry I cant go to Anti-Flag with you. :(

Make-up Haul Infos and Reviews :)

So the infos on the make-up haul post earlier! (well, days earlier!)

Maybelline Angelfit Flawless Natural Liquid Foundation

♡ Specially developed to suit Asian women's skin. Covers flaws without clogging pores no matter how many layers you apply. A luminous and transparent finish that perfectly fits your skin tone. With pink pearls,chamomile essence,Royal Jelly and Vitamin E. Dermatologically tested. Non comedogenic. 250ml/8.5 onz. Available in C01 Nude, W02 Natural Buff, N03, C03 Natural Ivory, W07 Apricot Sand
♡ I how it glides on my skin, but the consistency is a little runny. The good thing about that is that, when you put it on, it does feels a little transparent -- feels like you're not putting much on. It doesnt make you look like you piled on a lot of makeup. Just set it in with some powder and you're all set.

Benefit Stay Dont Stray Eye Primer

♡This dual-action power primer works 360° degrees around the eyes to make concealers AND eyeshadows STAY PUT. Concealers don't crease, eye shadows stay vibrant and true. Comes in a neutral nude shade that is universally flattering and a custom airless pump that is so easy to use - just a dab. Sodium Hyaluronate hydrates and fills in fine lines. Vitamins C & E help fight signs of aging. 10.0mL 0.33 US fl. oz. How to Apply? Gently pump a small amount onto the back of your hand. Apply 3 tiny dots under your eyes with fingertips & blend. Next apply 3 dots on eyelids & blend. Let set, then apply concealers and eyeshadows as usual.
♡Tried this, it's actually quite amazing. I love it. But it doesnt work much as a concealer, if you just want to use it as just that. Wear this primer, and wear a concealer on top of it. The smell is pretty weird though, but I can get pass it because it works wonders!

Benefit 10 bronzing & highlighting face powder duo

♡ Highlight and contour cheekbones in one sexy sweep. It is in satiny pink and bronze. Comes complete with soft, natural-bristle cheek brush
♡How to Apply? Lightly sweep brush over powder so pink highlighting powder appears on half the brush and bronzer on the other half. With pink side up, whisk from the apple of the cheek up to the hairline. Now you've done the sexy sweep! You may need to blend.
♡ I love how it is very subtle and soft. I usually use this to contour and use my pink blusher and sweep that lightly on the apple of my cheek. It works great. I asked my friends to give it a try and they love it. It has a little shimmer to it that when my friend, Bella used it -- she had shimmer all over her. This suits all skin tone I assume, since all of us had very different skin tones. 

Loreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

♡ NEW BASE MAGIQUE transforming smoothing primer instantly smoothes pores and creates an even surface, so that you get a more flawless make-up result that lasts. The silky, lightweight formula glides onto skin and minimises the look of pores and fine lines to transform your skin surface. Silicon oil enables easy glide-on application with no greasy residue for longer-lasting make-upDermatologically Tested.
♡ It really is light. I wear this before applying my Skin Food BB Cream and it creates a more flawless application. When you apply it on, you can feel that it really is going into the creases and lines to make your face more smooth. It does make your make-up stays on longer. Even in the ridiculously hot weather we're constantly having right now. 

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Charcoal

♡ Now with richer, more intense color that wears up to 16 hours, glides on smoothly to create a fine line, waterproof formula won't smudge, smear or fade away.
♡ Not much to say I guess. I only usually wear my eyeliner from BodyShop since it's the only thing that sticks, without smudging throughout the day. My eyes are a very problematic area when it comes to make-up. So I usually only wear the products that I always use that's effective. Thought of giving this a try. The colour is a little muted though.

M.A.C Viva Glam Gaga

♡ A lipstick that is inspired by Lady Gaga, which is in a bluish bubblegum pink shade. The colour is a very pale pink and looks a little icy. It glides easily on, and it makes your lips soft when worn. My lips was chapped when I first bought this -- it looks better now after i constantly wear it. A tip though, wear your lipbalm before you wear this if your lips are really chapped. Or avoid from wearing it at all. It wont look good. If you're wondering how it looks, here it is :

♡ With all of the Viva Glam products, every cent raised will go to the MAC AIDS Fund in the support of fighting against HIV/AIDS! So make sure you join in on the support, and purchase this! :)

Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

♡ This concealer gives a full yet undetectable coverage for a or a flawless, airbrushed appearance in any light. It has Photo chromatic pigments that bend, reflect and diffuse light to make skin appear more radiant and glowing. This Oil-free and fragrance-free all over face concealer helps erase imperfections and camouflage dark undereye circles. It has SPF-20 for further protection from sun damage.
♡ Though Revlon is a good brand, I dont really like this concealer. It feels too oily and you need to put on a lot of application for it to make a difference. Compared to my last concealer, this one feels like it can last longer.

** This has been in my drafts' folder for days. Sorry I couldnt post it earlier since my friend came to visit, so I didnt get a chance to work on it.

Until the next one! Tata!

28//1//2012 & 29//1//2012

Lynn's Visit ; Second & Third Day!

So. on the second day -- I brought her to Lamongan, which is this amazing place that serves delicious Ayam Penyet. It's in MITC and it is near Mydin. If you want to know where it is better, to try it out just ask me. I sometimes eat there for 3-4 times a week because my friends and I just cant get enough of their 'sambal' or chilli paste. Then Ateng came to join us, so we stayed there for a couple of hours to just catch up and talk about upcoming events and shows. It's been a while since I talked about music-related-topics. 

After that, we went to Hang Tuah for some bundle-shopping. I didnt get to take her to the one in Dataran Pahlawan though because it was getting late. Then, we went to Jonker Walk again. We bought these sleeveless tees, 3 for RM50. Sometimes the stuffs in Jonker are pretty cheap if I think about it, but there are things here that I think are pretty expensive. If you're free, then come here, see for yourself. I love looking for accessories in Jonker. They have a lot interesting things. I bought my round-eye sunglasses (John Lennon inspired) in Jonker. Just walk around and look at everything, you just might find amazing things. I bought this heart-wings necklace there, I wear it all the time. I havent used my love-shaped britain flag earrings though. Should use it soon :)

We were supposed to have dinner at Laksamana Claypot Asam Pedas near Jonker, but everyone was still full. Lynn has been there before, so she didnt mind not going anyway. Everyone was pretty exhausted at the time. So we drove back home. We met our friend from our hometown, Matt, later that night and hung out with him. We've known him for 5-6 years? I cant really remember.

The next day -- it was time for Lynn to pack up her bags and get ready to go back to JB. We woke up earlier than we thought, since we slept late. Matt texted me, asking to come over to his house since his girlfriend cooked some spaghetti. We told him she's a keeper -- since she made us spaghetti after only first meeting us the night before. His house was pretty awesome. He painted the floor black instead of putting carpets, he had framed photos of bands and other cool designs, he had this collection of samurai swords and this little table by the balcony. All in all, it was a pretty cool house. 

Then it was off to Melaka Central to send Lynn off. We hung out at the McDonald there while waiting for her bus. 5pm came all too fast, so I hugged her goodbye and waved as she queued up. 

Went home and baked myself a potato, for dinner. Went to sleep around 10pm. 

Until the next post! I hope you enjoyed the photos. It was pretty much us cam-whoring the whole day. Sorry there weren't much interesting photos. We didnt get to do a lot of sight-seeing. Most of the time we were at home hanging out. Maybe the next time she comes, yeah? 

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Lynn's Visit ; First Day

She arrived around 9 PM, so we didnt get to do much. I took her to Calanthe Art Cafe in Jonker Walk for dinner since she was starving from the long bus ride to Malacca. I was there earlier with Bella & Dome for dinner -- so it was kind of weird that we went there again with Lynn afterwards. After that, we walked along the busy Jonker Street to look for things. With empty hands, we drove back home and hung out the whole night. It's been a while since we talked. The last time we saw each other was in Desaru during the Monsoon Mayhem's event. We didnt really get to have a long chat, since there were so many other people with us at the time. Slept late, woke up a little too early for my liking -- but since we didn't want to waste any time -- we got up and got ready for the second day. 

I'll post the 2nd and 3rd day photos soon. It's still uploading. :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eight years and counting!

It's Show-your-friend-around-your-place Day!

One of my bestfriend/childhood buddy -- Lynn -- is in Malacca! I've been trying to post the infos on my make-up haul as soon as I can, but I'm keeping her company until Sunday. So, the post has been sitting in the drafts' folder since yesterday. I think it feels neglected. :) This picture is a teaser of what's more to come. If you haven't been to Malacca -- I hope I can show you by posting up our outings' photos. You'd have to squint to the back and sides though -- since we'd probably be in every shot. :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

The love of my life!

 Papa driving us to lunch! 
 Mama sitting at the back *likeaboss!*

 Ayam Penyet AP for the first time. Yeah, never tried the place before.
 Happy Soda, the one Zette keeps talking about.

 Tutti Fruitti!

 Mama wearing the MAC Viva Glam Gaga :P 
 My 66 year old amazing father ♡
That is what the Viva Glam Gaga shade looks like, cant help myself! Just had to put it on!

Yes I do look a bit sick, I think it's the exhaustion of the week.

Holiday Make-up Haul !

So yeah, it was a very short holiday for me. With everything that happened, the holiday felt exhausting. The best part of all of the madness - just a small part of everything - was getting to spend time with the family. I loved staying home with my parents watching the television, eating home-cooked meals and going out with them. They're a handful if I think about it now. With my brother who just shaved his head, my dad making jokes and being impatient, my mom being the person I tested my brand new lipstick on, my eldest brother not letting me play with his brand new phone and Dylan being the mischievous cat that he is -- they're the best. I got to go shopping with my parents the day before I came back to Malacca, which is always fun. My dad had some days off work which is REALLY rare for him, so I kept him company. I thought he could use the company after what happened earlier this week. I didnt feel like leaving for Malacca earlier today because it felt like I still wanted to be there for them. Enough of this,then.

So here are the make-ups that I bought over the holiday. Mostly for testing. I needed new ones anyway. Why not try some of the things I havent tried before. :)

(from left to right)
♡ Maybelline Angelfit Flawless Natural Liquid Foundation in W02
♡ Benefit Stay Dont Stray
♡ Benefit 10 bronzing & highlighting face powder duo
♡ Loreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer
♡ Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Charcoal
♡ M.A.C Viva Glam Gaga
♡ Revlon Photo Ready Concealer in 003

** someone commented before that they would like to know the prices for the products -- I would post them up, but I think I'd just reply to your comments if you'd like to know :) so comment me for inquiries.

I will post a review or the products' information in the next post because it's really late right now -- im too sleepy. @_@ Just wanted to post this one up real quick! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So if you're wondering what kind of perfumes I use in my everyday life, that's it. I sometimes change for the fun of it and use different perfume for different events.

♡ Dior Addict Shine by Dior
♡ Chanel No. 5 by Chanel
♡ Lady Million by Paco Rabbane
♡ Ralph Rocks by Ralph Lauren

Has anyone tried these?

 (upper ; left to right)
♡ Original Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Ralph captures the energy, spirit and personality of today's young woman with a colorful, floral fragrance: sparkling green apple leaves, zesty orange mandarin, charismatic pink magnolia, seductive purple freesia and soft blue musk.

♡ Strawberry and Champagne by Victoria Secret
A intoxicating blend of strawberry, hyacinth, cassis, white flowers and sandalwood  

(bottom ; left to right)
Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift
The fragrance composition is described as a charming gourmand–floral with sparkling fruity tones on a wooden background. The top notes are raspberry, dewberry, green tea, freesia and apple blossom. The heart features sweet vanilla along with sundrenched honeysuckle and white hibiscus. Notes of golden amber, musk, sandalwood and peach are in the base.

♡ Kissing in Paris by Victoria's Secret
Discover the thrill of love, laughter and lots of ooh la la in this crisp floral scent. Spring iris and fresh dew make sparks fly. Relive the moment with this fragrant body lotion, a breathtaking path to soft, touchable skin. Infused with our signature trio of skin-nourishing botanicals: antioxidant white tea and moisture-rich rice and white lily milks for healthy-looking skin. Spring iris and fresh dew make sparks fly.

I had the Strawberry and Champagne by Victoria Secret and Original Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren and I loved them. Tried other scents before getting them again. I am simple when it comes to choosing perfumes. I like what I like, and I'll get them if I cant get them out of my head.

What are your favourites? :)

Until the next one! Tata!

Tragic Monday

Last Sunday night,

I prayed to God, that He would help my uncle get through his ordeal and make him healthy again. I planned to have his hospital room pasted with boards that has encouragements written on them. In a short 3-4 months, he battled Stage Four Colon Cancer.

Last Monday morning around 4 a.m,

We lost him. That was the last time I saw him. With shaky knees, I prayed for him and kissed his forehead, and bid my last farewell. I still cant believe he's gone. I just wont accept it.

There was nothing anyone could do -- but move on. I will remember him as the the healthy him before I had ever seen him in the hospital. It's the least I can do for my late uncle -- and that is to remember him before the cancer.

"Dear uncle, may Allah swt bless your soul. Innalillah :'( You will always be in our thoughts and prayers."

My late uncle, my auntie, mama & papa

Our last Raya together with him in 2011

Sunday, January 22, 2012

a cuppa

not sure whether this is true BUT --

One of my dreams in life is to open a cafe. Making coffees and baking delicious desserts or snacks for other people to eat/drink in a cosy little heaven of a cafe -- that's one of my dreams in life. A little space for a small boutique, for the women to browse while chatting with the girls. A verandah/porch overlooking a small garden for the men to drink coffee/play with their gadgets/read the news. A bookshelf of used books for those who wants a little light reading while having a cuppa for the introverts/bookworms. A haven for those who want to have a cuppa, without the stress of the day bothering them.

Just got back from Ampang. I was at my auntie's house. My grandmother passed away on Thursday morning, so we had a little get together. I was supposed to go to a friend's event to surprise someone I havent seen in a while. He called earlier this week and asked me to come, so I had to laugh it off and said I had other plans. I had already told another friend of mine who was organizing the event that I was coming, so he was the only one who knew I was coming. I feel sorry that I couldnt make the surprise happen. I was really looking forward to it. It seemed like a really good show. 

Here's a picture of Nakid I took from Arttech's instagram :

Sorry friend. Maybe next time, yeah? I hope it was a great set just now.

I wish I could have watched Plague of Happiness too. It's been a while since I last saw them on stage. 

After the get together with the relatives -- we stopped by Starbucks before heading back home, I got myself a Java Chip and Chicken Finger Sandwich. Yumm. I didnt eat much today, so I was starving. 

Did you know that there's a Java Chip Frappuccino ice cream?

Looks delicious! :) Until the next one. Bye!