Tuesday, January 29, 2008

.an overdose of boredom.

YEAAHH-HEY. I bought two Manchester United jerseys and Im very happy. :D One is the home jersey (Red) and the other one is the away kit (black). I couldnt find the white away kit. The white one would look really good if I put Rooney's name at the back. Then maybe I can kick the ball like him. Haha. Right. I havent been seeing much of them lately because of the exams. But I cannot wait to go back to JB where there is Astro so that I can watch them again.

Went out to eat with Aida and Dhelmin. We went to Indian Hero and met some people from church. Aida knows them though. Because last time she went there for the food and for the fun of it. The guy was being too nice and it kinda crept us out. Haha. I think he was the pastor of the church. Oh well. Enough about that. I felt like buying an anime dvd series but then I forgot. Or because I thought that they wont have decent English subtitles. The last time I bought Ouran Host School Host Club and Kyo Kara Maoh. The eng subs was horrible. I had to download the whole thing from the internet and watch it all over again. And it was funnier when I actually know what they were talking about.

YEAY. Aida just made her own blog. And she took a very long time to finish one post. Like I always say,she types reaaaaallly slow. :D Did you notice. I keep writing about your flaws in this blog. I hope tattoo guy can read all this. Haha. I read somewhere,it said that a person's flaw is another person's turn on. HAHA. Im made of flaws. Anyone attracted? :P Gah. Forget about it.

I want to read Liy's blog but she made it private. :( So I cant read it. Im not sure if EVERYONE cannot read it but it said that you need to have permission or something. I just missed her in msn. She was here just now. I'll talk to her later when she's online. The last conversation we had was about furthering our studies. She's thinking of going to Melbourne or Sydney. I cant really remember. I thought of going to Australia a few times but always feel like I couldnt because there's no one there that I know. If Liy is there then at least there's someone there. Although I wouldnt want to stay in the city. I'd rather stay in Perth or something. Hmm. *thinking* I should think about this later.

Maybe I should make some overseas friends. Im thinking of joining language classes. Such as Mandarin,Korean and Japanese. Yes. It's all Asian languages. If i can be fluent in those three then i'd think of getting classes for Spanish and French. I dont think I have that much space in my brain or the consistency though. We'll see. But having friends from those places can help me if I took those languages I think. Like speaking. It makes you remember better. You should see me study. It's like i'm reading the news in Buletin Utama. Haha. I remember better by reciting what I read. And if I think of the things that Im reading about,is like a story. Im good at literature when I was in high school. I can just read the book once and remember all the details. Ahh.. High school. The days that life was more easier. Or i'd like to think of it that way.

OK. I have to go. Aida keeps buzzing me. You annoying *tut*.


Monday, January 28, 2008


Hello people.

I got back from dinner sometime around 10pm and I feel so tired right now. But I just have to get this out.. HOORAY! EXAMS ARE OVER!! IT'S HOLS!! IM GOING TO GO BACK TO JB! Yeaaaayy.

I kind of woke up late today. Around 11 am. My exam was at 2.10pm. So I quickly ate some bread and cheese and drank some orange juice and started revising a bit. Then listened to some songs while jumping around. My intention was if I jumped around maybe my heartbeat and heart rate increases and hence more blood will be pumped to my brain and more oxygen is supplied and I can remember all the things that I read. Im not sure if it worked but dang! My exam was not that bad. The first paper was kinda easy. Im not sure if my answers were right though. Im just assuming I did good. :D Being an optimist for once. Haha. I dont even want to ask my friends how they answered their questions but I think most of it is the same as them. I dont know. Again! Im not gonna think about it much.

My second paper started at 6.50pm. So I had some time to kill. Hui Jiin and I went to OldTown to eat. Yummeh. Getting fatter by the minute. We stayed until four something then headed to the library to squish in some more bio terms before going to the exam hall. The synoptic paper was OK I guess. I wouldnt say it was REALLY easy but there are some things that I just wrote but not knowing wether it's the right thing or not. Oh well. What is done is done. Exam ended at 8pm. Took some photos with classmates. Gonna upload it in myspace and friendster later. Ok. When I 'feel' like uploading it. :D Then I met with Aida and Anne. We went to Block A. There was an Indian cultural thingy. Im not sure what. So I saw some people I know and took pictures with them too. Like Santhiya,Terry and Andrew. I just found out that Terry,out of all people is scared of balloons. HAHA. Ah,life is wonderful. I know his weakness already. Who would have known that it's balloons. It's too funny to even let it sink in. This is a good news to me because Terry likes to bully me. It's like if im eating an egg tart. He'll take it and eat it when im not looking. He'll pretend that he didnt know what happened. Last year when my dad came to UCSI. We walked past him and I said to my dad, "Pa. This guy always bully me." He looked so shocked that I wish I had a camera at precisely that moment. His reaction was priceless. Haha. Enough about that.

Aida and I went to Free and Easy to eat and stayed there even after we finished our meal. She brought a few markers so we wrote some things on the wall. Quotes and so on. I wrote some from Mark Twain,Einstein and Maya Angelou. Aida wrote something that her lecturer always say. I think it said,"The success story of Malaysian Education." Haha. It varies for where you actually come from. If you're a Malaysian then it's Malaysian Education. Something like that. Then we talked about stupid things. But it was fun. I hate to admit it. Maybe I am going to miss her when I go back to Johor. Haha. Gah. I cannot believe I just said that. Aida if you're reading this,everything i've said just now is not true. Who would miss you? :P And chaiyoook! With the tattoo guy. And if tattoo guy is reading this then "dude,Aida likes you. Wait or was it love?" Hehe. I'll come visit you and we can go watch a movie or something ok? You're gonna miss me when im gone. Woahhh.. Woahh.. (according to Simple Plan's song).

Conversation between Aida and Aqi during their walk towards Free and Easy:

Aida : Let's be dramatic about everything.
Aqi : Ok.
Aqi pointing at her surrounding.
Some raindrops fell onto Aida's arm.
Aida : AGHHH! Im melting!

Ok that was a stupid re-enactment. Haha. You had to be there to laugh.
Im REALLY tired right now. I havent packed my things. I havent searched for a new tenant. I havent taken a bath. :D Im gonna take one now. Before it gets really late and cold. I'll write more later.

Later people! *smiles*

P/S: I cant use my phone. :( My mom is going to kill me. I tried to buy a topup but all the shops are closed. And the ones that are opened all replied the same thing, "Hotlink takde." *tut* Then stop putting signs saying you sell 'em you morons. GAH. I miss my boyf. And I cannot wait to see my family!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

.country grilled chicken burger.

First of all. I didnt get the chance to say "Happy 2008!". Since it's already the end of January. It sounds weird to say it, but yeah. Happy New Year people. I am actually feeling really happy and excited right now because tomorrow is my last two papers for my final exam. Hooray! I cannot wait to go back to JB. Haha.

I know that when I get back,I will have tons of things to do. Such as :

  1. Watch my friends perform at gigs and hang out with my boyf and them.
  2. Shopping.
  3. Watch TV. Animes. Movies that I didnt have time to see.
  4. Eat Dominos,western food and mama's cooking.
  5. Start getting active in sports again. Or go to they gym.
  6. Play around with Zoe.
  7. Do my IELTS. And join language classes and maybe keyboard lessons.
  8. Improve on my guitar playing.
  9. Think about wether I want a job or not. :P
  10. Drive around in my blue Kelisa.
I havent really thought about what I want to do in my free time. But roughly I guess that's what im gonna end up doing. :D

Im supposed to pack my things but I havent even started. Everything is scattered around everywhere. I dont even know where to start. It's just one room but it's like the whole house is moving. Gah. I cannot wait to get out of this red ant infested room. Im also supposed to find the next tenant. But I havent even posted the flyers and ask people around. Im not good at these kind of stuffs. Maybe I'll ask Aida to help me out. I bet she's gonna miss me. Aida if you're reading this, "Dude. I'll come visit." Haha. She's the closest person I have in college. We met in Student council and became good friends ever since. She's super nice to everyone and it annoys me sometimes. Haha. So everytime we're hanging out or walking to wherever she'd wave or stop to talk to people. She's the opposite of me. I dont really talk to people. And I dont really know alot of people from college. I'd rather sit in my room listening to music or something. She's always joining competitions or something. I'll miss her too when I leave. We're gonna play futsal after my exam I think. Yey.

Im really hungry right now. I only ate one burger today and it's fattening but I was too lazy to go out. Haha. Im gaining weight. Even Fong said so. Ah,nevermind. I'll get rid of it when I finish exams.

Later. Better freshen up and study.

. new blog.

HELLO. Annyong Haseyo!

This is my new blog. I had another one before this but I feel like I need a new one. So here it is. This is my first post. Im excited. HAHA. My blog looks like it's made for a 6 year old. I'll change it when I feel like it. Most of the things im gonna write about is my daily life and all those things. I dont write anything of importance so it really is boring for people to read. Oh well. To whoever is reading this blog. Dont expect much and I hope you get to know me better by reading this. :D Oh yeah,and thank you.

<3 Aqi.