Wednesday, January 7, 2009

i remember.

Yes,I know. It's not exactly like the original. I heard this a few times. And didnt bother to actually listen to it more,so this is all I get. I play it like how I remember how it sounded. :P The one with me is Nadea,and the one who's recording is Fida. And yes,there were mistakes,but it wasnt that much. What do you expect,she learned it in a matter of minutes. So excuse us. :D But nevertheless,I LOVE THIS VIDEO. AND I MISS YOU GUYS!

So babies,next month we'll hang more ok!
And we'll sing our hearts out again. Until then,watch this and remember me in your hearts. <3 HAHA

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

get on with it.

I want to stand in an open field. Hands stretched out. Face turned upwards. Wind blowing my hair. Basking in the ray of sunshine. Eyes closed. And I feel... Content. Blissful. Where the only sound I can hear are my slow breaths. The only thoughts I have are "I want to stay.. like this. Just like this".

When I open my eyes. It's like everything crumbles down.. Dark clouds loom over me. Wind howling in my ears. And rain starts to pour. The only thoughts i have are "How did I get here?"

Even when I'm trying to look straight ahead and move forward.. I always feel like I have to look back with each step I take. When can all this stop.. So that I can just run ahead. No more looking back. I need to do it. Or else I think I might just die inside.

Monday, January 5, 2009

PCD song makes me sing out loud.

I hate this part right here.

I hate this part right here.

I just cant take these tears.

I hate this part right here.

I cant find words to say. Words to say to make things better. I feel like nothing I say will make it better. I wish there were words to make you understand. If there are words that will make you understand,I cant find them.

I find myself repeating what I say,several times. OCD? Or im just making sure things are getting across. Which it never does.

Goodnight. Wish me luck!

And yes. I seem to be rambling. I cant explain much about this post. My head feels foggy. I nnneeeeeeedddd SLEEP!

Sleep deprived makes me mad.