Thursday, December 8, 2011


Been on a prowl in the web, searching for destinations for a great weekend getaway. A roadtrip with the girls -- a trip long overdue. AirAsia is having a promotion again. So, we're thinking of booking for a trip that'll probably will be happening next year. If everything goes well, I'll be flying off somewhere sometime next year. Hurray for that!

We're also planning a trip for New Year's Eve. It's in another couple of weeks. Not really sure how we're going to pull it off but I hope we'll find a way. Last year's was a blast but I dont intend on celebrating it like that again this year. That will be the first and the last. Anyone has any ideas on where to go? What are your plans?

I've been looking at travel magazines a lot these couple of days, it's not even funny. I feel like going everywhere! If only money is not a matter -- I'll be jetting off somewhere tomorrow.

I have to keep on reminding myself that I have to save up. For what, you ask? First off, the trip with my friends. Second -- I want to get a longboard, and it does not come cheap. The cheapest are around RM480-500. So, lets just say I need to really tighten the pocket strings.

I cant wait for the new year. I cant wait to do a lot of things. I am so psyched about all of the things that awaits. I need to rediscover myself. To live by the moment, and to repair the parts of my life that have been long neglected. I can do this!

Oh yeah, I am also looking for a camera. Any will do I guess. As long as I can take pictures with it. Even the ones still using film. Instax is burning a hole in my pocket. Too expensive to even think of restocking it all the time.

I hope for the best. Next update, coming soon!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

new horizon!

Bitter realization as I realize -- my world is too small. I need to discover that new horizon, that desperately drips in color for me to take a step towards it.

I havent been taking you on a walk with me. I was merely spinning around in one place. Trying to break free -- but too controlled to even step out of the spinning frenzy. Can I say 'no more'? I am not sure. Let's just say, I am open to new things and a new me.

Well, I am still going to be me, but a reinvented one.

I hope so.

So here's to the end of the year -- hopefully not the end of the world.

Cant wait to see what's waiting for me at the unveiling of the new horizon, lets pray for 2012. Lets make things happen.