Thursday, December 8, 2011


Been on a prowl in the web, searching for destinations for a great weekend getaway. A roadtrip with the girls -- a trip long overdue. AirAsia is having a promotion again. So, we're thinking of booking for a trip that'll probably will be happening next year. If everything goes well, I'll be flying off somewhere sometime next year. Hurray for that!

We're also planning a trip for New Year's Eve. It's in another couple of weeks. Not really sure how we're going to pull it off but I hope we'll find a way. Last year's was a blast but I dont intend on celebrating it like that again this year. That will be the first and the last. Anyone has any ideas on where to go? What are your plans?

I've been looking at travel magazines a lot these couple of days, it's not even funny. I feel like going everywhere! If only money is not a matter -- I'll be jetting off somewhere tomorrow.

I have to keep on reminding myself that I have to save up. For what, you ask? First off, the trip with my friends. Second -- I want to get a longboard, and it does not come cheap. The cheapest are around RM480-500. So, lets just say I need to really tighten the pocket strings.

I cant wait for the new year. I cant wait to do a lot of things. I am so psyched about all of the things that awaits. I need to rediscover myself. To live by the moment, and to repair the parts of my life that have been long neglected. I can do this!

Oh yeah, I am also looking for a camera. Any will do I guess. As long as I can take pictures with it. Even the ones still using film. Instax is burning a hole in my pocket. Too expensive to even think of restocking it all the time.

I hope for the best. Next update, coming soon!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

new horizon!

Bitter realization as I realize -- my world is too small. I need to discover that new horizon, that desperately drips in color for me to take a step towards it.

I havent been taking you on a walk with me. I was merely spinning around in one place. Trying to break free -- but too controlled to even step out of the spinning frenzy. Can I say 'no more'? I am not sure. Let's just say, I am open to new things and a new me.

Well, I am still going to be me, but a reinvented one.

I hope so.

So here's to the end of the year -- hopefully not the end of the world.

Cant wait to see what's waiting for me at the unveiling of the new horizon, lets pray for 2012. Lets make things happen.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Milow & Marit Larsen - Out of My Hands

Movies unwatched. Books piled in the room, with the pages still unturned. Listening to music without actually listening. Some things are just coming and going. Some things are just static and not moving. Thoughts are swirling in my already too pre-occupied mind. I am trying to make sense of things. I wish it was easier, but it never is. I am not sure as to why, it hurts.. So, this month started great but now my walls are thickening and it is closing in. I dont blame anyone. This is all me. It is just my way of reacting to your silence.

What is becoming of me? I need to shake myself awake and focus. I need to find myself. This is not me. I am not weak.

I hope I am wrong about you -- but something tells me that I dont want to find out. Im too scared to even try. It's out of my hands.

"I made the call just too late,I just thought I could wait for one more day, in the time that passed, you went down so fast."

"Out of my reach, out of my hands, I didn't understand, I would have changed all my plans."

"At four a.m., some battles fought are battles won, but this ain't one of them, one more shadow cast, you went down so fast."

"I let you go."


Thursday, July 28, 2011

why do you have to stand there?

Hhhmmmm. So many train of thoughts in my head.

Session One Complete Hey Hey!

Finished photographing all of the models for the club yesterday night. Phew. They were a handful but it was all good. It was hectic as I was running around to find heels for the ones that are either wearing one inch heels,wedges or forgot to bring one. Seriously? It's suppose to be a model sort-of-casting, and they're wearing one inch heels? I could walk in those in my sleep. They need to learn to walk in 5 to 6 inch heels or they're not going to be handling the catwalk that well. We havent booked that much shows nowadays for the lack of time and source, so if any of you wants to give us a shot, just PM me. :)

We're going to have another session for the photo shoot. Not sure when, but lets just see how things goes in the Ramadhan. Whether we have the time or not. Sekretariat Rakan Muda are going to have a convoy to the orphanages around Malacca, so the club is probably joining that. I am not sure what the other clubs are doing, so can't really say much about our upcoming events.

Tonight there will be an audition for TOLONG Theater. I want to be there to support the committees and the people who are auditioning, but I have an exam on tmrw morning. So im not sure if it'll be OK to go. The football match is tonight right? If I am not mistaken? Oh well, we'll just see how it goes.

Gotta get ready. It's a brand new day. Need to head to campus to find the club's advisor and then see Kak Nita to pass up all of our club's documents. Agh. Then study for the exam. I need a miracle, because I am all tense and agitated.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Be a better you, will you?

It's annoying how people tell you off on something, and in fact they're not all that different from you. I mean, yeah I get it. You have your opinions, but I dont want to hear them if you dont apply them yourself. Everyone keeps on saying that I am someone who they can critic all they want, but I would just push it aside and not get offended. The truth is, I am only human -- I feel as much as you do. There's no excuse in you telling me all these things just because you know I can take it. Yeah, I dont argue much. I'd rather listen and put it away to the back of my head. If it's a good advice, then I'll put it to use, but it you're just making me feel like a ticking bomb then yeah, I wouldn't even bother to remember what you said to me just a few seconds ago. I know what I am like, do you know what you're like?

I am so tired of all the work that I have to put up with when the person who should be doing it comes up with excuses. Come on, I have other things to do too. Can't you be at least a little bit considerate to someone who's already covered your ass countless of times, already? If everyone finishes their task, then there wouldnt be a ny problem. Am I holding two jobs right now? No, right? So do your job so I can do mine and have some little time for myself. AGH.

When I do something, I try to make the best of it. The effort. That's important. At least if I had to do something, I could go all out. It tires me out, but if I am satisfied, then that's all that matters. Would you be happy if your work is not up to your satisfactory? I dont think so. So if you ever have to do something, put as much effort in it as you can possibly put in. It'll be worth it.

Tomorrow's exam is cancelled! Yeay! So I have some time to rest my aching head before the exam on Friday. Was thinking of joining the E'Bee Rovers Scout's Clinic about bein a scout, but I'm not sure. They've been supportive of us, it's the least that we can do to support them. I never thought I would be interested in learning on how to be a scout. I had friends who were Scouts when I was in highschool, but that's an entirely different story.

Im going to read a book before hitting the sack. Until next time.

I am feeling a little nostalgic tonight.

Louder Than Thunder by The Devil Wears Prada.

What would it take for things to be quiet?
Quiet, like the snow.
And I know this isn't much but,
I know I could I could be better.

I don't think I deserve it
Find your way into my heart.
All stars could be brighter.
All hearts could be warmer.

What would it take for things to be quiet?
Quiet, like the snow.
Are we meant to be empty handed?
I know I could I could be better.

I don't think I deserve it
Find your way into my arms.
All stars could be brighter.
All hearts could be warmer.

What would it take for things to be quiet?

Tiny Heart

Tiny Heart by Flyleaf

Matters of the heart are so complicated. There's never a right or wrong way to approach it, because nothing is definite when it comes to it. Im feeling melancholic nowadays. I feel like my head is too tired to think about anything that there is to think about. I'm being irrational and I dont think that there's nothing wrong with it. Ah who cares. Sod it!

Think positive stuffs. Next post shall be more enthusiastic :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To start the day, you should end it first.

I cant really sleep nowadays. Things have been rough these couple of weeks. No wait -- I think it's been a month already. I have too many things on my plate right now that it's not even funny. Everything seems to be harder than usual. After finding solutions for things that goes wrong, just when I thought things can get back to being peaceful and quiet -- it gets more complicated. I think I've lost things that I dont think I can ever recover. Things might get back on track, but it'll never be the same.

So what's new? Nothing really. Went to Organization Management Seminar last weekend, and it was a bore. Though I learnt a few things from the Business Unit and Finance on how to manage things as a Treasurer. That's what I get for being one -- going to seminars. Oh well, it wasn't all bad. There were a few things that kept me awake. I had my close friends from MMU with me, so it wasn't all that bad. :)

Right now, we've finished our club's Constitution,Financial Report, and etc. I have an exam this coming Wednesday and Friday. I am not looking forward to sitting for the papers of Criminal Law and Contract Law. They're seriously a pain. Im just glad Tort's midterm was done with. So next week is Midterm Break!!! YEAYYY! I can finally rest my thumping and pounding brain. It's surprising that we had to deal with embezzlement and all this bullshit before entering the realm of our careers. AGHHH! There's too many things to deal with!

Next week will be the start of the month of Ramadhan. I cannot wait to go home and spend some time with the family. I havent been back in ages due to activities and studies. I had to performed with the others for the opening of ISS Night. The Chief Minister of Malacca was there so that was kind of fun. Cant wait for Theatre Tolong and the MATA Camp that we've planned. Ah shit, more work. With more exams and more problems. -___-

Met with some friends yesterday night while buying something at the convenience store. They just got back from climbing up the Bukit Beruang. Haha. I've been there once with the girls. Thought it was quiet OK. They asked us to come along next time. Gah, I miss hanging out with them since we havent done it in a while after they moved out of the old house. I think maybe we should all plan it, and do it soon. We were planning on doing it during Ramadhan, and break our fast at the observation point overlooking the city. Would be cool though :)

This year, my goals are to prove everyone wrong. That I am not weak. Abseiling sounds good, dont you think? :) Maybe I should give it a try. I know Im busy and all, but I think Im gonna try training with Wan for the volleyball team after Ramadhan. Been ages since I played the game.

I should really sleep. Got tons of work to finish in another 2 hours. So yes, 2 hours of sleep. I think my bones are cracking. *sigh* Come on Aqi, live healthily!! NOT.

Oh yeah, wish me luck on my exams!

The Bestfriend.

I was hoping you'd knew how much I am missing you right now, that I feel like crying my eyes out. I dont know why, but I feel like crying my eyes out. I wish you knew, how much I miss my best friend.
I bet it never even crossed your mind. I hope you're doing good.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seul Ou Accompagné

You know what. I've been feeling a bit down these couple of days. It comes and go. Sometimes even the thoughts that are inside my head -- it doesnt feel real. Like someone put it there just to torture me. For me to feel this depressed and sad. Oh well.. Right now all I can think of is that -- I need to open my eyes. I need to be happy. i need to feel like I am alive, no matter what. I have to not give up and just smile. I have to do everything that I can to make myself smile. That's all I can do. I've been trying not to cry for so long, that my chest hurts. Like I'm trying to breathe but there's not enough space for my lungs to fill with air. I'm sorry. I'm being very vague. I dont really write whatever that I think is too personal, and I think a lot of things are too private to me. That's why I only write of what I feel, but not the reasons as to why I feel it.

So.. Here are the updates about Bandung. I was supposed to take the flight on Monday but I had to take the one on Tuesday due to the complications that my mom and I faced. Our passports was less than 6 months from the date we were suppose to renew it. Didnt know it was a big deal. So we had to go to Putrajaya HQ to make a new one. It was pretty inconvenient. It was hot and I was so tired, but we managed to get it done in an hour or so. After sending my Dad home, so he could go to work -- my mom and I went to Sunway Pyramid to eat. We spent some time shopping and I bought some clothes from Dorothy Perkins. My mom bought this Camel Tribal Print Harems, and I loved it. Decided to get one myself. I laughed my ass off when my mom bought herself another one and said it's really comfortable so she's using them as her pajama pants. I love the harems, it's really comfortable.

On tuesday we flew to Bandung. I dont really think I'm suitable for Indonesian weather or the place itself. I was air sick, car sick and just sick all the way. It's a wonderful place though. Didnt have that much time to explore but I would definitely go again. Im thinking of flying there again with my childhood friends. Most of them are working, so they can save some money up. I went to Paris Van Java, thought that it was a nice place to just hang out without doing anything much. The hotel that I stayed in was called G.H Universal. You can look it up at google. It's a really beautiful hotel. I wish I could have stayed there for as long as I could. The people there were also very nice. I have some pictures but I haven't transferred them. So, this one is from my twitter. I took this picture from the lobby.

I dont really know what else to write about Bandung. I think if I can go anywhere in Indonesia tomorrow -- i would really like to see Bali. I really want to go to Bandung with my bestfriends, but I'd love to fly to Bali with my boyf. It would be fun to explore Bali with him :)

So moving on! I cut my damn hair off the day before yesterday. Gah. I hate it. Told the hairdresser not to cut that much since i still want to keep my curls. No, she didnt care what it meant to me when she chopped the curls off. :(:( I went to Curve to meet my friends and they said it looked OK. Even my boyf said it was OK, and that he loved it. Well, he loves everything so I am not taking his judgment into account. It's so hard to take care of. Yeah sure it looked fine after it was blow-dried PROFESSIONALLY. Me? I am no professional. I am the laziest person to be doing these stuffs. I loved my curls because I dont even need to do anything much. It looks good as it is. That's a lesson for me to not go on cutting my hair in just any salons. My hair is really thick and it tends to frizz. I can never get a good haircut until I went to this salon back in JB. It was a miracle that they made my hair manageable. From now on, I wont trust just anyone to cut my hair. The next time I want to cut my hair, I'm going to drive my ass off to JB. Even if the damn place is expensive. It's a pain to have good hair. So now I am looking for a good hair dryer or a straightener. A lot of reviews that are good mostly are for GHD, CHI and BabyBliss. Im not sure if they're available here in Malaysia. I can find any reviews on the ones that are sold in Malaysia. It's frustrating! So if you have any suggestions, please please please tell me :) So here is the picture of myself after the haircut, it looks good because it's blow dried. -__-

Im also considering using Redken. The 300ml bottle cost around RM50. I think that's a good price for a shampoo and conditioner. So what do you guys think about Redken? Are they any good? Im going to use the Redken Extreme line. I am also looking for Redken Extreme CAT Spray. I heard that it's a really good product. You use it after shampooing and before the conditioner. I cant seem to find it anywhere. For the heat protection product, Im thinking of trying the OSiS Flatline Iron Serum. Looks good but I dont know, anyone care to give me the review? I think it's not that expensive. For now, Im not using the hair straightener. I just bought the ceramic brush from Body Shop. Going to try it tmrw after washing my hair with Dove conditioner.

Right now my boyfriend is not speaking to me. I cant actually call him because my phone is barred. I just want to say that I love him. I dont know what will happen to us. I mean no can ever know what their future lies. But right now, I love him. The future? Lets just take one step at a time. *sigh* If you're reading this, then -- I am so sorry that I cant be what you want me to be. I cant give you whatever that is you want from me. Im sorry if you think that all I care is about myself. But you know what? At 23, and with everything that is in my head and everything that I want -- you cant really blame me. I need to do the things that I love without having to always think about other people. I told you to do the same. Live! You're still young and I'd like to think that I am still young too. Right now, all we can do is try to live. Before our roads narrow down and all we are left with are our careers and the dreaded adulthood. I think I have this plan in my head. Like a 5 year plan kind of thing. :) A career, a new car, a land to build a home and showering the parents with gifts. I dont need emotional burdens, I have enough of tiresome thoughts to last me a lifetime.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

mystery made emotions.

Je me sens vivant. Fatigué, mais je suis moi-même d'étirement avec les mains vers leciel. On se sent bien.

Right now I'm all awake. I'm waiting for my friends to call and we're all going to go set up the place for Afiq Rashid's Birthday Party. Happy Birthday in advance yaw! He'll be 21 tomorrow. That's a good age, huh? I was 21 -- two years ago. It doesnt feel like it though. I think i dont even remember my age anymore sometimes. Not really sure if that's a good thing or not. So, what is it going to be? Black or blue for tonight? The theme is black/blue. I cant believe I have only a single blue dress in my wardrobe. I have tons of black though. Oh well, I'll just try everything before I go.

I'll update about the birthday if I have the time.

So in another day or two, I'll be heading to JB with some of my friends for a vacay of our own. To release some stress and just to have fun. It is also a goodbye gift to Dot. A friend of ours that has to leave at the end of next month. Feels like we've known each other longer than the actual duration of our friendship. I think when you just *click* with someone, it doesnt really matter how long you've been friends with them. The trip had a lot of bumps and I think we're just going to go with our hearts open. To just go with everything. I dont know how it'll turn up, but I hope we're all going to have a good time. Since I'm from JB, I hope I can show them what it has to offer.

SO, I hope I can update about that later on. :)


Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's been a while :)

It's been a while since I posted something. Im not really sure what to write about right now -- but I felt like writing. So here goes.

Generally, I've been really busy with a lot of things. This is the week that I am finally home for the weekend after not being able to drive back for about 3 weeks. That's the longest I think since I came to Malacca. Usually, I would only miss one week. Since there were too many things that I had to do in Malacca, I had no choice. Mostly it was because I had to dance. I had shows almost every weekends. It was unbelievable. Funny though, considering I am not a professional dancer. Not even a good one to start with. Oh well.

There's a few things on my mind. I'll write them later. I need to finish my Chicken Pie before it gets cold.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am stoked right now. I cant believe I am not sleeping yet. Im supposed to have been sleeping hours ago, and waking up right now. GAH. I cant sleep. I'm tired but I just cant sleep. Maybe it was the coffee I drank before trying to get to sleep hours ago. I guess I wont be sleeping today. I have a sketch practice to get to this afternoon -- that is only if I dont suddenly fall asleep. I WAS going to sleep, but then there was a phonecall asking me whether I would be available around 11 a.m. It was SkyNet. I was surprised that my parcel had arrived. It was only yesterday I think, that I paid for what I ordered. Im positive it was yesterday. Oh well.

I am so excited that my brand new hoodie and bag is finally here! So here are their photos!

The COCO Chanel No.9 white hoodie. It was either white or grey. I prefer the white one :) I tried it on and it was super comfortable. I have to be careful not to stain it too much :D


The Casual White Coco Canvas Tote Bag

If I get the chance, I'll upload an outfit photo wearing them. :) Tata!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Because life is a thrill to fly away and balance over the whole madness.

It's been a while since I cried. I can't stop it. It just keeps on coming. I hate it, but I think I'll be OK after this. I am always OK.

Les seules personnes dont vous avez besoin dans votre vie sont ceux qui ont besoin de vous prouver à la leur.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Im in over my head!

I think there was a time in my life, when I was a lot younger that I had to pick a path. Naive and so hungry for life -- I chose the roads where I know would give me happiness but I also know deep down in my heart that it would never lasts. I know I am right, but I think that was the point in my life where I spiraled out of control and until now, i could never find my way back again. I never gave time for my mind to actually make a decision, I just had to crash into it and not give it another thought. I think it's been years -- too long -- since I had a breather. To pull my head out of the water and just take a breath. Now, my heart is not into it anymore. It's spreading me thin. I dont know what else i can do. All I know is I need to just move forward. Keep on walking. I dont have to break someone's heart just because mine is.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Felt like sharing a picture of me looking like a nerd :)

Lights will guide you home.

When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

And high up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
But if you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down your face
And I

Tears stream down your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face
And I

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

I am writing this while listening to Fix You by Coldplay. Maybe you should read this while listening to it. Im not sure of where to start or to begin. I am not even sure how this will end. All I know is that I feel like writing it. I am also not sure if I am hormonal right now to be feeling so down. I guess, it's the repetition of the actions and the situations that I am always getting myself into these few weeks or days. I cannot remember. All I know is that I am feeling too tired. To feel, to care, to actually make this better. To make myself feel better. I keep thinking that maybe I am just too caught up in my feelings. Do you know that feeling? When you try to cry, but you cant -- because it's just too tiring. Repetitions make things perfect, you get so used to it that you can no longer feel surprised or feel anything at all. Sometimes this can benefit you, but what if it makes you feel like you're hurting all the time. Not even feeling it anymore, but you just feel numb. Like everything doesn't matter anymore. I used to think that whatever I do, I had to do it. It's part of the universe's plan for myself. That I dont have a choice. I just have to embrace it.

I always thought about the things I hold dear. That I believe in. This is what I value most, that "Everything happens for a reason." Even when it doesn't make sense to me now, I always remind myself that there's a bigger picture. I sometimes think of what it feels like to be in someone else's life or shoes. What does it feel like? Everything around me comes to a blur now. It's like I'm running with you, but then you stumble and I have to stop to look over my shoulder and then we'd be running again. I think I've been good. Just a few things that I want for myself. It might not always involve you, but then again -- it's my life. Right? I have a right to live it the way I would want to -- right?

Age plays a very big importance to me. I keep thinking that I might run out of time. To live like it's your last.. Isnt that what it's all about? Being yourself. Doing whatever you want to do. I might sound selfish, but Im not like you. I dont think that it's selfish. No, I dont think that I have to explain my every actions. I dont want to feel like Im smothered. I want to fly. I want to taste life. I want to touch the sky, and fall from that very sky. I want to go up and I want to go down. Why should I carry the emotional burden of someone else? I dont think I am ready for it. Did I make a mistake? i dont think meeting you was a mistake. I think it was a blessing. You're the greatest -- but shouldnt I feel great? I think right now, I feel like there's a big boulder on my shoulder. The weight of it tires me.

Do I feel alive right now? Sometimes. You know what? You can never get everything that you want. I cant help but feel that it's not right. I cannot say it. Im too scared. Is it going to be my biggest mistake? Probably. I love you. It tires me. Just living tires me. Breathing is hard when I try to think about this. Melodramatic? Oh well, that's your oppinion.

I'm tired. I'm always tired. I remember those times in my past where I am in the situation where I am now. Is it any different? I think it is. The person it involves matters. It's different. I will always know it in my heart it's different. Im not sure of what I want to do right now. All I know is that I dont want this.

"Lights will guide you home, and ignites your bones."
Fix me.

Goodnight loves.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Is it worrying if you ALWAYS have pounding headaches? Should I go and see a doctor? Oh funny. I have two in the house, and I am pretty sure they think I am fine. Right now, I think I am sick. Usually it's just a pounding headache and USUALLY I can bear with the pain. Today though, it's excruciating. A higher level of pain than my normal headaches. Not to mention I feel like there's sandpaper in my throat. I dont even know how I contracted this. I mean, I'm pretty healthy. I dont get sick easily. So, now I get a fever? On the week that is supposed to be a very busy week for me? Dang!

*breathe in, breathe out* I am just going to get through this. There's nothing much I can do until this goes away. I took two paracetamol just now. I better get something to eat and then gulp down a couple of dissolved Vit C. That'll help I think. My mom made me drink that stuff since I was younger. Sometimes my fever cant even last a day -- it's gone in a few hours of sleep. Or it'll be gone in a day or two. Really need my health right now. I've never collapsed before, I dont think I would even start now.

Note to self : Drink water -- A LOT.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Breakfast on the couch.

Yes, I want some breakfast. Refer to pictures above. Mhhhmmm. Wont somebody make me some of these wonderful food for breakfast? You know what, I always imagine eating like this in the morning while reading paper or a book and sipping hot coffee or cold orange juice by the balcony in Paris. In a small 2 bedroom apartment overlooking the streets of Paris. White furnitures and cosy atmosphere. With hair tied up in a bun, wearing an oversized shirt over boyshorts.

Yes, I have a very wild imagination. What? A girl can dream can she? It's not that I want someone that could get me that, I feel like I want it for myself. I want to do it on my own if I can. Maybe I would. One day. You can never know, right? :)

Mhhmm. I miss the smell of coffee. It's been 5 minutes since I ate that spoonful of Manuka Honey. Time for coffee. Bye!

Oh yeah, morning everyone. I hope you start off your Saturday morning with a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Something new!

You know what I really want? I want to not care about anything that other people say. About me, my life and the things I want to do or am doing. I want to live my life for me. Right now, I have something in mind that I want to do. I'll hold it off until it becomes a reality that I have come to love and are committed to, then I'll post something about it here. All I want is for people to feed on their own negativity instead of pushing them to me. I can be booksmart if I want to. I lack focus and I have a very short attention span, but so what? That's me. Are you perfect? I bet not. If you think you are then, go ahead. Say what you want about me, I dont frigging care.

Let's start something new, shall we?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Burlesque : Premiere

I have two tickets to the premiere of Burlesque tonight at 9pm at Pavillion. Yeay! Thank you Naquib Zahrim! I've been wanting to see that movie, now I get to see it. It's free seating though, so I better get there before 9pm. I'll be back in Malacca after the movie, so I can work on some music. :)

I'll leave a review of the movie after I see it!

Circuits/Daighila yaw.

I woke up today feeling a bit nervous, and excited! This weekend I'll be in Tampin for this! *pointing upwards* I'll be with Finger Inc, I havent seen them in a while. Im kind of hating the fact that I dont get to practice with them before the gig, I hope everything will work itself out.

This year I had a few updates from Leman, our drummer about Finger Inc. A friend of ours are interested in taking us under his wings. We're going to have a management, how cool is that? I'm sure it'll work out well considering that the person who's going to handle us is a good friend of ours. I cannot wait to start my tantrums! Haha. Other than that, we're all booked until April. That's rather rare for us. Other than that, we're going to have a split EP with The Pips. Im excited about that, they're awesome. I cannot wait to see what happens with that, best of luck to us aye? Next, is the fact that we're going to get to create more songs! I haven't been making songs for Finger Inc in the longest time! I have a few weeks free to experiment with some music, that is good. If I can get some extra money, I can begin shopping for some mics and stuffs. I think I can manage some after a few months from now, if what I am planning with a friend right now will be successful.

This is the list of the performances that F.I is going to make, just in case anyone wants to know. Or better yet, catch us doing it. I would totally appreciate it!

13 Feb 2011 : Let's Get it On Part II,Tampin.
13 March 2011: Hardcore Mosh Wanted IV, City Plaza, JB
10 April 2011: Konsert D'Selatan

Oh by the way, thinking of cutting my hair. Should I, or shouldnt? :)


Sunday, February 6, 2011

TVD again :)

This is the gif of Stefan from TVD mouthing the ILY words to Elena. I love that moment where they only had to mouthed the words. They didn't need to tell the world how they love each other. They're just content on knowing that they each know how they love each other. :) I like that.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Update for TVD.

Watched an amazing episode, I hope next week will be better. Tonight's was all about rivalry between the vampires and werewolves. The nice little twist was about how important friendship is. Damon wanted to not have anything to do with Caroline when she first turned. I was kind of surprised he'd go out of his way to save her. They looked like one tight knit group to me. Though Damon is a loose cannon though, it's hard to really predict him. I guess, Caroline proved she's one hell of a vampire. Too bad Tyler and Caroline won't get to be friends anymore. I really thought that amongst all that chaos, they'd find a way to set an example and show how the history should stay in the past. They should make their own history, where they can all cohabitate together. They were friends in the first place anyway. I get what Stefan was trying to explain to Tyler. He really do wants to have a life there, it's not fair for Tyler to not give him that chance. Eventhough, Damon killed his brother. There was a reason to it. Mason was just not going to stop.

I loved how Stefan came up with the idea for Elena and Bonnie to have a slumber party with Caroline. I think she really needed it. I LOVE the part where Elena and Stefan mouthed to each other 'I love you's. Overall, I think this was a pretty good episode. Next pleasee!

It's TVD time!

Tell me they dont look amazing. You cant, can you? Because they look --- *smiles*

This is priceless. HAHAHAHAHA! It's so random. I can just imagine them saying it. Edward would probably just bathe under the sunlight just to annoy them. The dialogue suits the characters well. #imjustsaying HAHA, twitter much? :)


Friday, February 4, 2011

To have good friends, you have to be one. So what is it going to be? :)

I think I can relate to that. I have these friends whom I trust with my life. We may lead different lives most of the time and away from each other -- but I can never think of anyone else besides them that I would consider my best friends. We may fight a lot, and for stupid reasons -- most of the time because of how one of us acted, but I think that no matter what we'd still be friends. I think we grew up over the years. Some people might think that by making us fight over trivial matters would make us realize that maybe we're not meant to be friends anymore. That it's the end of the road for our friendships. I know better than they would ever do. Fighting? We've been dealing with that since high school. Im glad that we're all grown up and are better in handling our issues now. I think everyone has an opinion about what I am like and who I really am, but I think even my bestfriends are still trying to figure me out. Personally, I believe that they truly know me and they still choose to be with me. That is pretty much the most important factor to our friendships. To know each other and still be together, that's what real friends are. I am very lucky to have met my bestfriends. I think I've acted my most crazy and out of control with them. The same goes to them. I had the most fun trying to figure out life with them with me. We grew up with each other. They're like my sisters. I dont have any sisters, but with them I know what it feels to have one -- or four? Haha. Other people usually come and go, and for 8 years and counting -- they're the ones who stayed. I cant ask for more. I'd love to say more, but I think for now, this is all I have to write.

In case anyone is wondering? They're my four bestfriends. You guys know who you are. I love you guys. Let's hope that our friendships will remain intact for years to come! And let's tick off that plan we had since ages ago to go on a roadtrip together off our list of what-to-do this year, SOON! I am looking forward to it. Let's make some new traditions and keep the old ones.

Four years can do a lot to a person. :) I think we've had the best childhood together. Remember our phases? We grew up gradually and progressively. Im pretty sure we've learned a lot and discovered a lot of things since the first time we met. We may not get to see each other as often as when we were younger, but I think our bond is stronger than ever. I love how even after months of not talking to each other, we can still pick up the phone and chat normally like we had a conversation just the other night. It's so funny how different we look! Girls -- who would've have thought we'd become more girly or lady-like? We didn't. GAH, I LOVE YOU GIRLS! Larrikins! Hahahaha. *hugs*

Im all SMILES.

This is what my wallpaper looks like. HAHA. This is so random, I know. Oh well, goodnight people!


So I could have these bodies --

Thursday, February 3, 2011

One of the things I love :)

I love specs. Though I never really like to actually wear 'em for 24/7. I need to. My eyes are deteriorating every day that I dont. I dont even wear contacts that has power, and I dont really know why. My vision is baaad, but I'm used to it. I always tell myself that I dont need to wear them as long as I can see a good few feet in front of me. Someone who checked my eyes once told me, that I shouldnt even be driving at night. Yes, it is that bad. Well, lets just say that I dont really listen to people and let them tell me what I can and cannot do.

So -- I am collecting unique looking specs. Most of the time they're really cheap. I've not yet bought one that is above RM20. I think that's a good bargain. I love shopping in Malacca. People sometimes doesnt really know that Malacca has tons of cool stuff that's rather cheap -- OK, sometimes! You just have to know where to look. Im glad Im actually studying there. I can explore all I want. It helps when you have friends that are Malaccans.

Here are two of the ones I love wearing.

I had to miss this one. A friend borrowed it after I just had it for a few days. I didn't get to see it for quite some time. Well, now it's back! Yeayy!

I love this one. A friend of mine pointed it out to me. I didnt waste any time, and got it with a happy smile. I've been wearing it alot since. Some called me 'Grandma'. Call me what you want, I am VERY loving the quirkiness of this one.


Exhausted yaw!

I am frigging exhausted today. -__-"

Im back at home now after a day with Fida Yasin at her sister's new home in Kinrara. I helped her out with some wall painting. Gah, it was so tiring. We had fun though. Thank you Kak Anis for the KFC and Azim for the very disturbing/traumatic day. Haha. He's so much like my boyf that it's not even funny. Thank you to Fida for a wonderful late night dinner and chat. We were trying not to fall asleep while eating at Darussalam. It was fun catching up. I miss my girlfriends. I hope that roadtrip we'd be planning to go on to for years now are finally coming true. Maybe a few months from now? Who knows? Lynn is on a roll with the things she wants to fulfill for her wishlist this year. I guess, it'll happen sometime this year. Hooray!

I am actually trying very hard to not misspell anything and trying very hard to focus on typing. My hands are killing me. Damn youuu @fidayasin! Ok, I just blogged like I am on twitter, and I am not even trying to erase what I just wrote because I'm just going to not be bothered with it. I think whatever mistakes I am making in this post, is justified. :D there are even smilies. Gah. Haha.

Tomorrow I am going to start studying. Buckle down and revise my Legal Methods. *sigh* Yes yes I know. It's important for every lawyer to know the methods for handling legal related matters/issues. Can I just say that my reluctance to start studying is a form of rebellion? Mhhmmm. Ok, maybe not.

I cant type anymore. *throbbing hands* I'll write more later. :) If anyone is reading my blog. Thank youu and I love you guys for trying to learn more about me. *hugs*

I'll leave you with a picture of Paul Wesley because I cannot wait for the new ep of TVD. :) It's coming out tomorrow. Mhhmmmm. I'm liking Thursday!



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Proud mama? Nahh. Im a proud friend!

I am so glad to announce that my bestfriend FINALLY got herself a car. I am so proud for her, and I want to congratulate her on the good news. The good news for me is that, now I wont have to listen to her excuses of not coming to Malacca or KL to meet up! YEAYYY!

The other thing that I cannot wait to do is drive around in her baby. Only after she finally struck up some nerves to drive it herself. Here is my friend, Lynn and her boyfriend in her new car. WOOHOO!

So, for other things. I finally paid my tuition fees. Was supposed to go back to Malacca for a day BUT decided to just fax the payment slip to them instead. Yeah, I was not going to waste the time and energy for it if I had a choice. To shorten the story -- I called for over 10 times to ask about it and at the end, I finally reached the person who was supposed to unbar me. Little did I know, I wasn't barred in the first place? Gah! They told me to check my Student Info Kiosk (which I never do), and actually see that I was never barred because PTPTN already did the honor of paying my damn tuition fees. Yeah, thanks. So much for panicking. So right now I have a negative balance in my account for MMU. That means I dont have to pay for next semester's fees. Yeay? It said that I had paid an advance. Dont flatter yourself, I wouldnt do it deliberately. My mistake. Oh well. On to more pressing matters.

Fida wants to pick me up and dragged me to her sister's new house so that I would help her paint the house. Her words were, "We'd finish faster if you'd help." She's lucky I'm a good friend. And anyway, I would just be lazying around the house watching TV and movies all day long anyway. I guess painting a house can be productive. Let loose of my creative soul. Well -- not exactly. I guess, it doesnt kill me to do something rather than nothing. So here goes, better get ready.

Im feeling quirky today. Time for some geeky moments. :D

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Loving life put things into perspective.

So some updates! The dance competition last month was awesome! There was some disappointments and regrets but I think we were pretty relieved that we placed 2nd. That was such a surprise that all of us cheered and screamed with a shock expression on our faces. Congratulations MATA MMU. :) They posted a video of us dancing in YouTube. I was laughing my ass off when I watched it, because it felt unreal. I can't believe it was me. Oh well.

Right now, I am currently back at home. My whole family is here. My brother is working today though, but he'll be back soon enough. I'm suppose to have dinner with the boyf and some friends tonight. I'm not sure if it's possible now since my dad is home, AND he's not working. It's not that they wont let me go out. It's just -- I guess I feel like hanging out with them. :) If it was me years ago, I didnt even think I would ever feel this way. I guess when you get older, you tend to be more family-orientated. I love my family, they're everything to me. Well, I guess we just have to wait and see. If my brothers go out for dinner, then maybe I'd consider having dinner with my friends. That is if I feel like it. Asraf and Naquib planned to eat at Chillis. Fida said she'd swing by my house tonight. So Im quite happy :)

I made toast for breakfast today. Had a cup of coffee afterwards. I've been eating a lot lately. That's not good. I better slow down. It's rare that Im awake to even have breakfast, let alone make some. So again, today I'm quite happy. :)

Yesterday, I had this obsession for some designer shoes and bags. It felt like I was hyperventilating looking at them. Haha. YSL shoes are gorgeous and I'd love to have one Birkin bag. I love designer items mostly because of the quality.

Im watching NCIS right now with my dad. I think I am going to start revising Legal Methods soon. I promise! I think next semester I am really going to try my best at academics. Smart = Sexy. Am I right or am I right? :)


Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year, happy? :)


I hope 2011 will bring happiness to everyone and I hope that you'll have a very joyous journey getting through this year. I hope I can find my own happiness and make more dreams happen.

I'm too sleepy. I'll write more later.

Oh yeah, I am going out tmrw with friends. Maybe to Fullhouse and IKEA. See ya! :D