Thursday, July 28, 2011

why do you have to stand there?

Hhhmmmm. So many train of thoughts in my head.

Session One Complete Hey Hey!

Finished photographing all of the models for the club yesterday night. Phew. They were a handful but it was all good. It was hectic as I was running around to find heels for the ones that are either wearing one inch heels,wedges or forgot to bring one. Seriously? It's suppose to be a model sort-of-casting, and they're wearing one inch heels? I could walk in those in my sleep. They need to learn to walk in 5 to 6 inch heels or they're not going to be handling the catwalk that well. We havent booked that much shows nowadays for the lack of time and source, so if any of you wants to give us a shot, just PM me. :)

We're going to have another session for the photo shoot. Not sure when, but lets just see how things goes in the Ramadhan. Whether we have the time or not. Sekretariat Rakan Muda are going to have a convoy to the orphanages around Malacca, so the club is probably joining that. I am not sure what the other clubs are doing, so can't really say much about our upcoming events.

Tonight there will be an audition for TOLONG Theater. I want to be there to support the committees and the people who are auditioning, but I have an exam on tmrw morning. So im not sure if it'll be OK to go. The football match is tonight right? If I am not mistaken? Oh well, we'll just see how it goes.

Gotta get ready. It's a brand new day. Need to head to campus to find the club's advisor and then see Kak Nita to pass up all of our club's documents. Agh. Then study for the exam. I need a miracle, because I am all tense and agitated.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Be a better you, will you?

It's annoying how people tell you off on something, and in fact they're not all that different from you. I mean, yeah I get it. You have your opinions, but I dont want to hear them if you dont apply them yourself. Everyone keeps on saying that I am someone who they can critic all they want, but I would just push it aside and not get offended. The truth is, I am only human -- I feel as much as you do. There's no excuse in you telling me all these things just because you know I can take it. Yeah, I dont argue much. I'd rather listen and put it away to the back of my head. If it's a good advice, then I'll put it to use, but it you're just making me feel like a ticking bomb then yeah, I wouldn't even bother to remember what you said to me just a few seconds ago. I know what I am like, do you know what you're like?

I am so tired of all the work that I have to put up with when the person who should be doing it comes up with excuses. Come on, I have other things to do too. Can't you be at least a little bit considerate to someone who's already covered your ass countless of times, already? If everyone finishes their task, then there wouldnt be a ny problem. Am I holding two jobs right now? No, right? So do your job so I can do mine and have some little time for myself. AGH.

When I do something, I try to make the best of it. The effort. That's important. At least if I had to do something, I could go all out. It tires me out, but if I am satisfied, then that's all that matters. Would you be happy if your work is not up to your satisfactory? I dont think so. So if you ever have to do something, put as much effort in it as you can possibly put in. It'll be worth it.

Tomorrow's exam is cancelled! Yeay! So I have some time to rest my aching head before the exam on Friday. Was thinking of joining the E'Bee Rovers Scout's Clinic about bein a scout, but I'm not sure. They've been supportive of us, it's the least that we can do to support them. I never thought I would be interested in learning on how to be a scout. I had friends who were Scouts when I was in highschool, but that's an entirely different story.

Im going to read a book before hitting the sack. Until next time.

I am feeling a little nostalgic tonight.

Louder Than Thunder by The Devil Wears Prada.

What would it take for things to be quiet?
Quiet, like the snow.
And I know this isn't much but,
I know I could I could be better.

I don't think I deserve it
Find your way into my heart.
All stars could be brighter.
All hearts could be warmer.

What would it take for things to be quiet?
Quiet, like the snow.
Are we meant to be empty handed?
I know I could I could be better.

I don't think I deserve it
Find your way into my arms.
All stars could be brighter.
All hearts could be warmer.

What would it take for things to be quiet?

Tiny Heart

Tiny Heart by Flyleaf

Matters of the heart are so complicated. There's never a right or wrong way to approach it, because nothing is definite when it comes to it. Im feeling melancholic nowadays. I feel like my head is too tired to think about anything that there is to think about. I'm being irrational and I dont think that there's nothing wrong with it. Ah who cares. Sod it!

Think positive stuffs. Next post shall be more enthusiastic :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To start the day, you should end it first.

I cant really sleep nowadays. Things have been rough these couple of weeks. No wait -- I think it's been a month already. I have too many things on my plate right now that it's not even funny. Everything seems to be harder than usual. After finding solutions for things that goes wrong, just when I thought things can get back to being peaceful and quiet -- it gets more complicated. I think I've lost things that I dont think I can ever recover. Things might get back on track, but it'll never be the same.

So what's new? Nothing really. Went to Organization Management Seminar last weekend, and it was a bore. Though I learnt a few things from the Business Unit and Finance on how to manage things as a Treasurer. That's what I get for being one -- going to seminars. Oh well, it wasn't all bad. There were a few things that kept me awake. I had my close friends from MMU with me, so it wasn't all that bad. :)

Right now, we've finished our club's Constitution,Financial Report, and etc. I have an exam this coming Wednesday and Friday. I am not looking forward to sitting for the papers of Criminal Law and Contract Law. They're seriously a pain. Im just glad Tort's midterm was done with. So next week is Midterm Break!!! YEAYYY! I can finally rest my thumping and pounding brain. It's surprising that we had to deal with embezzlement and all this bullshit before entering the realm of our careers. AGHHH! There's too many things to deal with!

Next week will be the start of the month of Ramadhan. I cannot wait to go home and spend some time with the family. I havent been back in ages due to activities and studies. I had to performed with the others for the opening of ISS Night. The Chief Minister of Malacca was there so that was kind of fun. Cant wait for Theatre Tolong and the MATA Camp that we've planned. Ah shit, more work. With more exams and more problems. -___-

Met with some friends yesterday night while buying something at the convenience store. They just got back from climbing up the Bukit Beruang. Haha. I've been there once with the girls. Thought it was quiet OK. They asked us to come along next time. Gah, I miss hanging out with them since we havent done it in a while after they moved out of the old house. I think maybe we should all plan it, and do it soon. We were planning on doing it during Ramadhan, and break our fast at the observation point overlooking the city. Would be cool though :)

This year, my goals are to prove everyone wrong. That I am not weak. Abseiling sounds good, dont you think? :) Maybe I should give it a try. I know Im busy and all, but I think Im gonna try training with Wan for the volleyball team after Ramadhan. Been ages since I played the game.

I should really sleep. Got tons of work to finish in another 2 hours. So yes, 2 hours of sleep. I think my bones are cracking. *sigh* Come on Aqi, live healthily!! NOT.

Oh yeah, wish me luck on my exams!

The Bestfriend.

I was hoping you'd knew how much I am missing you right now, that I feel like crying my eyes out. I dont know why, but I feel like crying my eyes out. I wish you knew, how much I miss my best friend.
I bet it never even crossed your mind. I hope you're doing good.