Tuesday, December 6, 2011

new horizon!

Bitter realization as I realize -- my world is too small. I need to discover that new horizon, that desperately drips in color for me to take a step towards it.

I havent been taking you on a walk with me. I was merely spinning around in one place. Trying to break free -- but too controlled to even step out of the spinning frenzy. Can I say 'no more'? I am not sure. Let's just say, I am open to new things and a new me.

Well, I am still going to be me, but a reinvented one.

I hope so.

So here's to the end of the year -- hopefully not the end of the world.

Cant wait to see what's waiting for me at the unveiling of the new horizon, lets pray for 2012. Lets make things happen.

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