Sunday, January 27, 2008

.country grilled chicken burger.

First of all. I didnt get the chance to say "Happy 2008!". Since it's already the end of January. It sounds weird to say it, but yeah. Happy New Year people. I am actually feeling really happy and excited right now because tomorrow is my last two papers for my final exam. Hooray! I cannot wait to go back to JB. Haha.

I know that when I get back,I will have tons of things to do. Such as :

  1. Watch my friends perform at gigs and hang out with my boyf and them.
  2. Shopping.
  3. Watch TV. Animes. Movies that I didnt have time to see.
  4. Eat Dominos,western food and mama's cooking.
  5. Start getting active in sports again. Or go to they gym.
  6. Play around with Zoe.
  7. Do my IELTS. And join language classes and maybe keyboard lessons.
  8. Improve on my guitar playing.
  9. Think about wether I want a job or not. :P
  10. Drive around in my blue Kelisa.
I havent really thought about what I want to do in my free time. But roughly I guess that's what im gonna end up doing. :D

Im supposed to pack my things but I havent even started. Everything is scattered around everywhere. I dont even know where to start. It's just one room but it's like the whole house is moving. Gah. I cannot wait to get out of this red ant infested room. Im also supposed to find the next tenant. But I havent even posted the flyers and ask people around. Im not good at these kind of stuffs. Maybe I'll ask Aida to help me out. I bet she's gonna miss me. Aida if you're reading this, "Dude. I'll come visit." Haha. She's the closest person I have in college. We met in Student council and became good friends ever since. She's super nice to everyone and it annoys me sometimes. Haha. So everytime we're hanging out or walking to wherever she'd wave or stop to talk to people. She's the opposite of me. I dont really talk to people. And I dont really know alot of people from college. I'd rather sit in my room listening to music or something. She's always joining competitions or something. I'll miss her too when I leave. We're gonna play futsal after my exam I think. Yey.

Im really hungry right now. I only ate one burger today and it's fattening but I was too lazy to go out. Haha. Im gaining weight. Even Fong said so. Ah,nevermind. I'll get rid of it when I finish exams.

Later. Better freshen up and study.

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