Thursday, June 26, 2008

i need wings.

Just to say : I had fun last weekend. Not too much fun that I'd crawl back home like what Salleh and Ed had planned. Nevertheless,it was fun. And now! In a few days,I'll be going back to Johor. Hooray,for me.. Not.

I know what it means. Days in the house without car,money and fun. Maybe I could go to a gig on the weekends.. *contemplating* I doubt my ears wont melt with all the nagging. I'll take this opportunity to enroll in language classes and watch TV till i puke. *sigh* at least I could say "Language class is educational,it'll help me in the future!" Then they wont nag that much,since it's like im not wasting time. Although,I have no idea how learning Japanese would help me in the future. It's not like im going to be an Ambassador or something. Hmm.. I can make excuses to watch anime then. "It's practice! Im not even putting on the subtitle!"

I better get going. Have to go fetch Papa. Im regretting not bringing my iPOD along. This is going to be a long day. A very long day.

I hope im wrong.

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