Tuesday, November 18, 2008

art imitates life. life is a work of art.

I wonder how long it has been. I wonder how far i've got. I wonder where my head is now. I cant sleep. I cant think much of anything. I cant decide on what to do. I cant decide based on how I feel. Because despite of the rush of emotions that I feel,it feels empty. My mind is like an empty black abyss. Where everything is not where it's suppose to be. Humans have this dark hole inside their chest where nothing can fill it. Nothing. I think mine is getting bigger and bigger. It's just a matter of time before it consumes me.

Yes,that sounds... very Emo. And yes,Ew. Oh what the heck. I cant sleep so maybe my head is burned out. Dont hold it against me.

Last words I've been meaning to write --

I am NOT weak. I HATE being weak. You want full swing? Hell. I'll give you full swing.

I guess as long as I'm aiming towards that goal,I can distract myself from everything else. Right. Distract myself. From everything I'm not ready to think about.

I wish that it would just bite the dust and go away. Stupid stupid feelings and thoughts.

Shit,I feel lethargic. No sleep. No sleep. No sleep. I told you my brain is burned out.


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