Thursday, December 23, 2010

A second one? Oh wow.

Ok, so today I am feeling slightly exhausted and yeah, yeah I know -- it's mostly my fault. I can't face a challenge and just back down. I kicked Math's ass last night. It took me a while because it has been a while since I solved a math's problem. I'm surprised that I got it in the end. When I look at it now.. Naahhhh, it wasn't that hard. It was a piece of RT pastry yummy cake. Easy as an apple crumble pie. God, I feel like my sweet tooth is acting up. I miss Fida's birthday cake. It was DELICIOUS, and note that I capitalize the word? Because it was THAT delish. It was a good thing we stuck to the plan. The plan B was not that bad, since the back up bakery was THE bakery we were actually searching for.

I have dance practices non-stop until next week. O_O' I just hope I can remember all those steps. It's alot and everything is running around in my head, I'm not so sure where it begins and where it ends. Haha. I think I'll practice alone a bit later. Oh, I asked my close friends to drop by Malacca on Christmas hols. I hope they'd come! It would be so much fun. I'd take them to the best foods and then take them to places for some exploring. I haven't even hung out with them here since the day I started studying here. I think Fida came once, and Mye came by, but that's all.

I'm trying not to eat rice for a couple of weeks. I am effing fat! I don't feel comfortable. So, right now I am trying to watch what I eat. Anyway, that's one of the best things about living at home alone. Just like the 'ol times. I can just stop eating and people would never notice. :D I wonder how i got the drive to stop eating when I was 15. I mean, it's so frigging hard! I bet that if I can do it years ago, Im pretty sure i can do it now. I mean, I'm still the same person. Slightly heavier, though. Agh. I hate feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. Feeling restless and heavy all the time. No, starting from this week, I'm watching what I eat.

P/S : If any of my bestfriends, or family is reading this. I was only joking. OK?

Resolutions? I've been singing about resolutions for a year now, and still I have no resolutions for next year that I haven't made years before and still not achieved. *sigh* I better clean up my act if I want to be someone one day. Starting next week, I am going to have clear goals. If a certain circumstances arise -- then it's safe to say I can hide under the covers for another week, :( Oh well, baby steps.

Bread & cheese again today. That's all. I need a Redbull or Coffee. -_-'


  1. Baby dont change the way u are. i like u rather than past 3 years.. i hate the old you. i love you even more now.. pls dont change drastically.. :P

  2. WAHAHAHAHAH! kau dah kenapa?? aku berubah apanya?

  3. berubah jadi jahat lah! wakakakkak.. jadi dinasour.. aku suka kau jdi ultraman je!


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