Wednesday, December 22, 2010

After such a long time.

Hi, I guess I am like a ghost now. I haven't been updating my blog in ages. I can't remember the last time I even opened it. I'm not sure why I am updating it now, but here I am typing away. So many things happened in the course of my absence. Every single day is filled with something. I guess as I near the end of the year, I feel like updating and looking forward to next year. I guess, you can say that I am trying to start fresh. I feel like things have been slipping away, I hope I can hold on to it long enough before everything falls around me in a mess. Above my head hovers the unmistakable dark cloud. I hope the sun will come out soon.

Right now, I've celebrated tons of birthdays including mine, I've gone through some ups and downs, I've grown tired and restless and I feel like turning a new leaf.

Also, I am currently training for a competition in traditional dance that would be held somewhere in January. I am a nervous wreck. Despite all of the negative energy and the scoldings from the choreographer, I think I am happy with it. I love dancing, and I suck at it. But with training, I hope I'll improve. Even if it is traditional dance. I am not kidding you when I say, the dance is pretty cute. HAHA.

I started tweeting just a few minutes ago, I have 11 followers. Lame right? HAHA. I am so not good in these things. I mean, even people who knows me doesn't give a damn about my life. Oh well, here's to being optimistic. :)

I'll update more when I have the time. I feel like some bread & cheese. Mhhmm.

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