Wednesday, May 11, 2011

mystery made emotions.

Je me sens vivant. Fatigué, mais je suis moi-même d'étirement avec les mains vers leciel. On se sent bien.

Right now I'm all awake. I'm waiting for my friends to call and we're all going to go set up the place for Afiq Rashid's Birthday Party. Happy Birthday in advance yaw! He'll be 21 tomorrow. That's a good age, huh? I was 21 -- two years ago. It doesnt feel like it though. I think i dont even remember my age anymore sometimes. Not really sure if that's a good thing or not. So, what is it going to be? Black or blue for tonight? The theme is black/blue. I cant believe I have only a single blue dress in my wardrobe. I have tons of black though. Oh well, I'll just try everything before I go.

I'll update about the birthday if I have the time.

So in another day or two, I'll be heading to JB with some of my friends for a vacay of our own. To release some stress and just to have fun. It is also a goodbye gift to Dot. A friend of ours that has to leave at the end of next month. Feels like we've known each other longer than the actual duration of our friendship. I think when you just *click* with someone, it doesnt really matter how long you've been friends with them. The trip had a lot of bumps and I think we're just going to go with our hearts open. To just go with everything. I dont know how it'll turn up, but I hope we're all going to have a good time. Since I'm from JB, I hope I can show them what it has to offer.

SO, I hope I can update about that later on. :)


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