Friday, February 29, 2008

a piece of moist chocolate MIND.

Love. Saranghaeyo. Liebe. Ai. Te Amo. Aishiteru. Mahal Kitak. Je T'aime.

How can one expression or feeling can be said in so many ways. So different, yet it means the same.

So is it wrong when love befall upon two person regardless of age,gender or religion? That's different than what you think it's suppose to be.

Yes. I think it will make things a lot harder. And I mean A LOT. But who's to say that it is wrong? For a person that did not go through these kind of situations. They will never know how it feels. For a person like me,I can only imagine how it feels. Is it fair for them? Imagine you cant love the person you love right now because society says that you cant. How would you feel if you're the one who's considered an outsider if the table is turned on you. If this world was different. You believe in things that are already set by others. Majority says so. The minorities? Who cares! Sarcastic. Ironic. Funny isnt it? If one day, society says "No wait,straight people should be discriminated. Yes,this is the way to be from now on." Would you change? And suddenly say "Yes this should be the right thing." "But Sir,why is it so?" "Well,because they said so." People have the right to choose. People should have the right to love. Regardless of age,gender or religion.

To those people who thinks that being gay and lesbian is a crime then you have the right to choose too. So if you really think that you're right,then fight for it.

As for me, I know a guy who's a really good friend and a good person. Genuinely nice when he wants to be. And he's gay. And I have NO/
ZILCH problem with that. He's perfect as he is. He deserves love. And so does all the others out there. I have found mine. I hope love is not something that can be discriminated. I thought love is the only thing that makes this insane world goes round. Even when you have nothing,you'll have love. Proven that people who's lonely without love lives a shorter life. So why should we limit it? Go ahead people. Find your love. And I hope you will hold onto it. And you'll see that it doesnt matter who you fall in love with. With love,everything goes. :D

To my friends. Regardless of age,gender or religion. I love you too.

Sorry if this is crap. I havent slept for 32 hours and I felt like writing something before I hit the sack. If my words are unclear. I will write again. When my head is not fucking foggy like it is right now. Sluggish. Numb. Throbbing. I should sleep.


Give PEACE and LOVE a chance.

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