Friday, February 8, 2008

Chocopie Freak

Yes Yes. I AM A VERY LAZY PERSON. Gah. My dad always say that I'm the most laziest bum in the world. Haha. I think I have to agree with him on that. I woke up really late today and I had a very weird dream. I woke up with chills running down my back remembering it. My worst nightmare I think. Im afraid of zombies. So,when I woke up today. I felt like my body just froze up. Everything felt cold. Or am I just being dramatic? I am,I think. :D But having a dream where you're trying to escape from a town full of those things? I woke up just wondering what I would do if my whole family turned into them. Haha. I'm overreacting. Yes I know. I have an imagination of a 4 year old. Im still figuring out if this a bad thing or not. :D

I'm currently addicted to Chocopies and Barley Black Tea. Gah. I bought like 2 boxes of Chocopie last week. I finished one box already. Seriously,I'm getting fatter. This is really bad. Should really watch my diet after this. Not feeling very healthy. Mama cooked today. So yeay! It's been a while since she cooked. YUMMY. Although it was just one side dish. Nvm. I think this house has too many chocolates. My brothers are eating chocolates like there's no tomorrow. Haha. Mama boards the plane one too many times. She buys chocolates each time she goes to the airport,since it's cheaper. So if you want some,tell me. I have like 3 types of truffles here. Im considering whether I want to eat it or not. It's bad enough that I'm addicted to Chocopies. Now,chocolates?? Gah. I think my family is deliberately making me fat because I keep complaining about my body. :D Haha.

I'm currently watching a K-Drama called 1% of Anything. At first I wasn't too keen on it. But it's growing on me. Im also watching an anime called School Rumble. I wasn't too keen on this too but i'm giving it a few more episodes before saying it's not good.

GAH. IM WRITING CRAP. Oh well. I'll end it here. I'll write something more.. tasteful later. Im having a writers' block. My brain is freezed. I'll defrost it soon.

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