Friday, December 26, 2008

Long sleeved colarred button shirt.

I just realize something. Something weird. Something random. Something so unimportant but it made me laugh.

"Pkai kemeja lipat kat lengan?" DAAANG. Haha. That's kinda hot.

Ok that was random and I know it sounds like WTF? But I just realize that it looks good. Usually I only see it on my brothers and yes,yuck for me to say they look hot. So when it's on someone else. Well,it looks good. So guys. If you want to look nice,wear one. Haha.

That's all for this. Ok I'm just stating an oppinion. To use this against me is just wrong.


(Too lazy to find pictures. Maybe later. Or probably never? Haha.)


  1. nabil always always wear his shirt like this. thats y he's hot! haaa.. man of my heart, what can i say...

  2. i know who you're talking about *wink wink*


    tapi bukan utk semua org gk la.kalau bangla pakai cmtu xkan nk ckp hot gak. *gelak guling2*

  3. dee-haha. yes yes. i can imagine nabil wearing it. mleleh boleh? haha!

    ema-hahahahahahahahaha! mana tau bangla tu hensem. :P


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