Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shopping list, anyone?

I am thinking of buying waaaaaay too many things. Without really buying them. I am such a masochistic shopaholic. And no, I dont mean it sexually. It just means that I have too many things that I want to buy in my head. But I dont have the money or the will to actually buy them. Then, torture myself at thinking about how I reaaaaaaaaaally want to buy them. Oh, it hurts.

I saw these really mouthwatering pair of Lacoste shoes. A friend of mine spotted them before, and I really did like it. I couldnt stop thinking about it. Yes, I even daydream about it. It's not much. Just that it's simple, white with some colourful stripes. It looks -- simple yet very fashionable. I just found out the price just now, when I followed my family to Adidas to search for my brother's shorts. Yeap, it's RM300++. My brother liked them too. Too expensive for my parents' liking though. I thought that this would be a good time to start compromising. Oh well, whether I do get it or not, we'll just wait and see.

I have to buy some gadgets/effects for my band We're Not English. I think there's one that a friend of mine wants to show me. I dont have anything in mind right now as to what I want. I guess I'll just give that a try.

Then, I'd love a Fuji Instax. I've always liked polaroid pictures. I dont know, somehow it just makes a picture more vintage and better to look at. It's expensive, I know. But if it's something you love, wouldnt you invest on it? :)

I havent been to Cotton for ages. Saying that, I think it was a month ago? Haha. I miss it already. I have some money to spend, I hope I get to go to KL soon. Do some little shopping. Right now, Im looking for a very cool high-top. I havent found one that catches my eye. They're all too OTT. Someone once wanted to give me one, identical to his. But I guess, I wasnt that lucky. I lost more than a pair of great high-tops. Im in love with booties nowadays, but cant find the courage to wear one. I am not really a trend follower. I dont even know when a style is in or when it's so last season. I love my Iphone even when some say that they're bored with it and they're so last year. I love vintage pieces. I dont even care if I'm wearing an old Estee Lauder handbag that I found in a bundle for RM5. It's still wearable to me. Black,practical and gold finishings for zippers. I love it.

So who cares right? As long as we're happy with what we have. :D

I'll write more later.

Love, Aqi

P/S : Get well soon Muhammad Asraf. I love you.

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