Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank You

I just found out that a friend of mine, wrote a poem about Acap and I. I know he'll probably kill me, if I mention this. Thinking that it would make him look gay. Haha. Being in touch with your emotions is not that bad. I think it's a good thing. Thank you for this. It's lovely.

Basically, he wrote it after he saw us together. He said that seeing us made him feel hopeful. Hopeful to find somone, that would make him as happy or happier than us. Well, dear friend, I hope you do find this girl. Best of luck to you.

For Them

Do u see her smiling.
Glowing like raging moon
The moment you stepped into view
Eyes glitter like a seabed of diamonds
Blinding everyone with a shine so bright

You can feel her energy bursting out with fury
So strong that it swept me away
So much that it moves the ones supposedly dead
No one knows if its a gift or a curse
Something so powerful should not be real
Is it obsession or passion?

Its a wonder, a famous untold secret
Things that i only have heard of, always seen.
but never felt so strongly
how i ponder on thinking how lucky you are,
where millions are wishing on stars.
While you have one glowing in your arms.

I once dream of such magnificence
and after awhile i woke up and left it there to rot
But feeling it around me is another
It gives me courage to not surrender
to one day reach up to the misty sky
find my own raging star

By Mr Hamzah Ariffin in his blog .happy days.

Well that's all for now love.

Love, Aqi.


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