Thursday, July 3, 2008

the A B and Cs,please.

I realized that I don't know the meaning to most words. It's frustrating. I thought my English was fine. Well,two minutes ago I thought "Oh hey,I'm really lousy. My English is below fine!"

I was looking for a dictionary,and surprise,surprise.. I cant find one. COOMMEEE ONNN! Not even one? I was turning the place upside down -with the exception of pausing to read old books that I doodled in- and,yeap.. zilch.

I always make a point to polish my grammar,but forgetting about vocabularies. I'm turning a new leaf! Im going to make it a point to learn a new word everyday or something. Im going to get myself a dictionary later.

I'm reading a book from Tony Parsons,and i keep getting stuck. I keep underlining the words that I dont quiet get and coming back later with the meaning and reading the sentence all over again,and then absent-mindedly say "Owhhhhh... So that's what it means."

I never knew I could be so intrigue with words. Haha. Somehow,they fascinates me. :D

Later. Cant wait to get a dictionary. How lamer can I sound. Woohoo!

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