Sunday, July 20, 2008

.thin drama.

This is also not breaking news. And it sure is not new.

I need to lose weight. I need to be thin!

So I have a few ideas running through my head.

Working my ass off
I can workout every single day. Run a few miles. Jog around every evening for an hour or so. Do sit ups everyday. Push ups. You name it. Climb a mountain for all its worth. The thing is,im not really an athlete. I have low stamina. I cant stand the heat. I get dizzy if I run nonstop. So I tend to stop alot. The only good thing is how it makes me feel after the workout. The feeling of lightness. The feeling of freshness. It's nice. I tend to build muscles if I work out. I dont really like it,but it makes me stronger so that's nice.

Eat veggies. More lean meat. Eat less oily food. No fast food. More fruits. Less carbs. More greentea. More fluid. Dieting is like a routine. You take note of what you eat,and you stick to your plan. That's the problem. I dont do well with routine. Im not consistent. I'd like to try a diet that would actually work,but I just dont see it.

Don't eat at all. Just drink all day long. Chew gum or something. Think of something else when you're hungry or go to sleep. This is considered anorexic. I guess. :P Some say I used to be one. I dont think I was. But I used to do this when I was 15. I still think I was not that thin. Really! I was not. Hmm. *thinking* This is sort of hard to pull off now that I'm constantly at home,where my parents are always around. So I cant really tell them I've eaten when it's obvious I havent. I'll think of something.

Throw up?
Being bulimic? Haha. Ok. I hate vomit. So this is out of the question.

Take drugs?
No way. Although I think this is the quickest. Be a cokehead and you'll look like Kate Moss. But I'll pass. I dont want to be an addict. I dont want to melt my brain and fry my brain.

Agh. I need to lose about 14 pounds.


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