Wednesday, July 2, 2008

bad habits die hard.

This is so me to post something really late. Anyway,it's not like it was on purpose.
I tried logging into blogger the other day and the damn internet is so slow,it just pisses me off and I gave up trying to log in.
So here it is :

Happy Birthday Mama! WooHOO!

My Dad and I went to the florist to get her some roses and bought an ice cream cake which he knew I'd be the one finishing. We took her to Selasih here in JB and suprised her with the flowers. She admitted that she was a bit suspicious as to why I was so keen on leaving the house quickly and just after we ordered,I excused myself to the toilet. Which by the way,was so not me. I'd usually wake up late and haven't even showered when she reach home. She'll fuss over it and I'd eventually get ready and went to dinner with them. I do not go to toilets when we're out. I mean it's not like 'not ever'. It's just not me to go to the toilet just after we leave the house. Haha. It's kind of funny how I try to be subtle but in actuality im being really odd. Oh well,it's not like every year we get to celebrate her birthday,so I wanted to do something about it this year.

We went home and when she went to the toilet I quickly put the candle holder on the cake realizing it's taking too much time. I started to pick them out and lighted the candles with the stove -- I forgot no one in the house smoked -- and arrange the candles on the cake as fast as I can. As she chased Zoe around,I switched off the lights and sang the 'Happy Birthday' song. She was surprised I guess. When we were sitting together in front of the TV eating the cake she expressed her suspicions. Haha. What can I say,I am not the subtlest person. She said it was weird I didnt want any desserts at Selasih. Haha. And she remembered the orange juice jug on the counter instead of in the fridge. Well,the fridge has too many things inside,I had to take out some of the things in there so I can fit the cake into the freezer.

I want to write more but as always I'm running late for something. LATER.

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