Thursday, July 17, 2008

.it's wednesday,woohoo.

I had my first keyboard lesson today. Well,technically yesterday since it's 4.20 am. It was fun. It's fun since I can play any song I want and learn at the same time. So,yeay! Next lesson I have to bring along a notebook for notes,my own keyboard and some music sheets. I can pick any song I want! :D

Im trying to figure out what songs that I want to play later in class. Hmm. *thinking happily*

Oh yeah,Im going to Kota Kinabalu with my dad on the 25th. Mama and Jarf said that the beach is awesome. Maybe I can go and go snorkelling or something. :D I hope there are tons of things to do. I can meet Eiz. Yeay.

Im thinking of making a photopage. But I'm just too lazy to take pictures,but I feel like making one. Oh well. I'll just post pictures when I feel like it.

I'm yawning but I'm not sleepy. :P


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