Friday, October 31, 2008

endorphin kicking in.

I went for a walk and a run today. As usual,my lack of stamina never surprise me. I ran a couple of minutes and stopped with a heart burn and eyes blurry. I need to remember that running when I havent been running for a while spells trouble. Heck,I wasnt an athlete to start with. Oh well. As usual,it left me feeling a bit better. The fresh air and the pumped heart elevated my mood. Breeze walking took my mind away from the whirlpool of thoughts. But I admit that I really wish I could just run.. And only stop when I feel like stopping. Damn this body! I guess I just need time to adjust. It'll get better in a few days. Maybe tomorrow I should bring some music with me.

Anyone for Paintball? I feel like it. I dont mind getting hit. I forgot how it felt being hit by one of those things. Just not the head,please.

Katy Perry :) Loooovveeeee.

Nite nite -.-

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  1. aqi,i want to jog too. i swear on my big fat tummy and thighs, the fat need to go, a.s.a.p. ishh. but yeah,bring some music, or a friend, or ME ME ME! :P

    paintball i xpernah main,would like to try tho.


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