Thursday, February 2, 2012

Caramel comes from bees? No?

When Shima came back from New Zealand, she came back bearing gifts. She gave me a friendship bracelet which is really beautiful, and she brought back a bag filled with Cadbury chocolates and products. The first thing I tried was a type of Licorice. Lets just say, I was so hungry I opened it up right after she handed it to me and popped one into my mouth. It was not small, either. I was so surprised of the taste, that I thought it was a milder type of Hacks sweets. It tasted so weird that I decided to try another one, which looked more promising. I regretted it as soon as I put it in my mouth. Molasses does not taste great. I finished it up just so that it wouldnt be a waste. I mean she brought it back from New Zealand, these things dont come easy, you know. Better savour it, no matter the taste. I was thankful that she even thought of bringing something for us. Well, I was not surprised -- she is a sweetheart after all. That's one of the things why all of us love her. 

So to wash the taste off, we decided to taste this. Looked delicious and the combination sounds good.  It's marshmallow covered with caramel and chocolate. As you can see it is called Buzz.

While we were eating ( which I took two! ) -- I started to wonder about something.. I mean, look at the cover! What does a bee have anything to do with it? I mean bees doesnt produce chocolate / marshmallow / caramel, right? Or am I missing something? I dont think so. 

So the conversation went something like this :

Me : Jap, kenapa ada gambar lebah? Bukan lebah buat madu ke? Caramel dari apa? (Wait, why is there a picture of a bee? Dont bees make honey? Then what's caramel?)

Dome : Memang tak la, takde kena mengena pun. ( No, there's no connection at all, yeah it doesnt make sense.)

With confidence and certainty,
Zette : Caramel tu kan gula hangus *staring ahead* (Cause caramel is burnt sugar)

Everyone looked at her and there goes an awkward moment, until she realized that sugar doesnt come from bees either.

Zette : Ohhhh. Ha ah, gula buat dari tebu. So memang takde kena mengena pun. Haha. Kenapa ada gambar lebah?(Ohhh, yeaahh. Sugar is made from sugarcane. So, there's no connection at all. Haha. Why is there a picture of a bee?)

Me : Sebab tu aku tanya tadi. Apa kaitannya. -____-" (That's what I just asked..)

Excuse her, she was having her blank/blur moments. She wasnt really paying attention. She said she saw bees when she thought about sugar. Haha. She cracks me up all the time. I can always count on my friends to make me laugh. 

So help me with this. Do you see what I mean? What's the connection between a rapper bee on a skateboard with what we were eating? Marketing? Why does a rapper bee on a skateboard sells it? Why cant a picture of a marshmallow covered with caramel jumping into chocolate be more effective? Either way, I still ate two because it was delicious! Sorry there weren't pictures of the food itself, since I put it in my mouth faster than you can say 'rapper bee on a skateboard is cool yo!'

Until the next one! Going to go get ready and send Dome to Melaka Central since he's going back to KL && lunch with the girls! Whoot! :D

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