Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nasi Ayam Menangis!

So ---- SHE'S BACK!
She's been away to New Zealand with her family, so we havent seen her in a while. So, it's good to have everyone finally back in Malacca. First it was just Bella, Dome & I. Then Zette came back, so now Shima is back. So, the Four-Clover Leaf is back together. After she arrived, we went out for a late lunch. We went to this place called Nasi Ayam Menangis in Bachang. I've never been there before, so thought that I should give it a try. 
Why is it called Nasi Ayam Menangis, you ask?? Well, it is said that if you eat the 'sambal' or chilli paste, you will cry -- since it's really spicy. It was OK for me, I cant really judge since I usually eat spicy food. They put a jar filled with the 'sambal' and you can eat as much as you like. So, that's a plus point for me. Give it a try! It's just past the Melaka Central (on your right ; Tesco on your left) traffic light, then turn right at the first traffic light. You will see it on your left. 

**cant update much, since I am late for dance practice. So, I'll update more soon! Enjoy the photos! :)

P/S : If you're reading this Mot, thank you for the chocolates and the friendship bracelet. I love it! ♡ I love you, more than a love song, baby!


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