Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's Supposed-To-Be-Laksa Day!

Since Zette came back from Malacca, we decided to head to Jonker and get some Laksa. Since it's been a while since we've done this -- we decided to get dolled up. She picked the skirt out for me, and I called Bella to wear something nice. So there we were, happily driving by the Laksa place to find a parking -- and disappointed to find out that it's actually CLOSE for today. So, we rounded the next corner and decided to eat -- where else? than -- at Calanthe Art Cafe. Again?? Yes, yet again. I thought of getting the Laksa there, but settled on our all time fav there, Butter Chicken w/ Rice. Zette ordered the Laksa, so you can see what it looks like in the pictures. Joseph, the manager came and gave us some oranges. So yeay, for that. 

The day turned out to be a photo-session for all of us, since we got bored. Thought of going to the Laksa place to take some pictures of the food, so you can see them. Oh well, maybe next time. If you are ever in Malacca and you dont know where to go, just comment me, and I'll be glad to guide you to some of the places I know and love. :)

Outfit Of The Day :
♡ Sleeveless tee from My Tee Story by Jonker Gallery ; Maxi Skirt from Bundle in Seremban ; Wedges from Vincci ; Bangles from Diva ; Peacock Necklace (which Zette & I have, yes it's the same :D ) from a vendor in MMU Malacca

If you're wondering what Zette & Bella's OOTD was -- just ask. :)

Until the next one! Tata!

P/S : Cant wait for Shima's arrival tomorrow. We're going to this Nasi Ayam place, where they say -- when you eat there, you tend to cry -- since it's so spicy. Whoot! Gah, I should not eat this much! I cant help it!

&&& Oh yeah, I hate how I look in the photos because I look really tall/big compared to them. -___-"


  1. Maxi Skirt from Dataran Pahlawan Bundle?!!! Hate u!
    Cantik gila! Kenapa bundle hari tu tak ada yang cantik2 macam korang pakai ni.

  2. Sorry. Hehe. Pembetulan. Skirt tu aku beli dkt Bundle Seremban, time kteorg buat Roadtrip Bundle-hopping dkt sana :) Tapi baju yg Bella pakai tu dari bundle Dataran Pahlawan. Dtg la sini, aku bwk. Haritu tk sempat :) Tgk rezeki jugak la Lynn!


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