Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Circuits/Daighila yaw.

I woke up today feeling a bit nervous, and excited! This weekend I'll be in Tampin for this! *pointing upwards* I'll be with Finger Inc, I havent seen them in a while. Im kind of hating the fact that I dont get to practice with them before the gig, I hope everything will work itself out.

This year I had a few updates from Leman, our drummer about Finger Inc. A friend of ours are interested in taking us under his wings. We're going to have a management, how cool is that? I'm sure it'll work out well considering that the person who's going to handle us is a good friend of ours. I cannot wait to start my tantrums! Haha. Other than that, we're all booked until April. That's rather rare for us. Other than that, we're going to have a split EP with The Pips. Im excited about that, they're awesome. I cannot wait to see what happens with that, best of luck to us aye? Next, is the fact that we're going to get to create more songs! I haven't been making songs for Finger Inc in the longest time! I have a few weeks free to experiment with some music, that is good. If I can get some extra money, I can begin shopping for some mics and stuffs. I think I can manage some after a few months from now, if what I am planning with a friend right now will be successful.

This is the list of the performances that F.I is going to make, just in case anyone wants to know. Or better yet, catch us doing it. I would totally appreciate it!

13 Feb 2011 : Let's Get it On Part II,Tampin.
13 March 2011: Hardcore Mosh Wanted IV, City Plaza, JB
10 April 2011: Konsert D'Selatan

Oh by the way, thinking of cutting my hair. Should I, or shouldnt? :)


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