Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Loving life put things into perspective.

So some updates! The dance competition last month was awesome! There was some disappointments and regrets but I think we were pretty relieved that we placed 2nd. That was such a surprise that all of us cheered and screamed with a shock expression on our faces. Congratulations MATA MMU. :) They posted a video of us dancing in YouTube. I was laughing my ass off when I watched it, because it felt unreal. I can't believe it was me. Oh well.

Right now, I am currently back at home. My whole family is here. My brother is working today though, but he'll be back soon enough. I'm suppose to have dinner with the boyf and some friends tonight. I'm not sure if it's possible now since my dad is home, AND he's not working. It's not that they wont let me go out. It's just -- I guess I feel like hanging out with them. :) If it was me years ago, I didnt even think I would ever feel this way. I guess when you get older, you tend to be more family-orientated. I love my family, they're everything to me. Well, I guess we just have to wait and see. If my brothers go out for dinner, then maybe I'd consider having dinner with my friends. That is if I feel like it. Asraf and Naquib planned to eat at Chillis. Fida said she'd swing by my house tonight. So Im quite happy :)

I made toast for breakfast today. Had a cup of coffee afterwards. I've been eating a lot lately. That's not good. I better slow down. It's rare that Im awake to even have breakfast, let alone make some. So again, today I'm quite happy. :)

Yesterday, I had this obsession for some designer shoes and bags. It felt like I was hyperventilating looking at them. Haha. YSL shoes are gorgeous and I'd love to have one Birkin bag. I love designer items mostly because of the quality.

Im watching NCIS right now with my dad. I think I am going to start revising Legal Methods soon. I promise! I think next semester I am really going to try my best at academics. Smart = Sexy. Am I right or am I right? :)


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