Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exhausted yaw!

I am frigging exhausted today. -__-"

Im back at home now after a day with Fida Yasin at her sister's new home in Kinrara. I helped her out with some wall painting. Gah, it was so tiring. We had fun though. Thank you Kak Anis for the KFC and Azim for the very disturbing/traumatic day. Haha. He's so much like my boyf that it's not even funny. Thank you to Fida for a wonderful late night dinner and chat. We were trying not to fall asleep while eating at Darussalam. It was fun catching up. I miss my girlfriends. I hope that roadtrip we'd be planning to go on to for years now are finally coming true. Maybe a few months from now? Who knows? Lynn is on a roll with the things she wants to fulfill for her wishlist this year. I guess, it'll happen sometime this year. Hooray!

I am actually trying very hard to not misspell anything and trying very hard to focus on typing. My hands are killing me. Damn youuu @fidayasin! Ok, I just blogged like I am on twitter, and I am not even trying to erase what I just wrote because I'm just going to not be bothered with it. I think whatever mistakes I am making in this post, is justified. :D there are even smilies. Gah. Haha.

Tomorrow I am going to start studying. Buckle down and revise my Legal Methods. *sigh* Yes yes I know. It's important for every lawyer to know the methods for handling legal related matters/issues. Can I just say that my reluctance to start studying is a form of rebellion? Mhhmmm. Ok, maybe not.

I cant type anymore. *throbbing hands* I'll write more later. :) If anyone is reading my blog. Thank youu and I love you guys for trying to learn more about me. *hugs*

I'll leave you with a picture of Paul Wesley because I cannot wait for the new ep of TVD. :) It's coming out tomorrow. Mhhmmmm. I'm liking Thursday!



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