Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Proud mama? Nahh. Im a proud friend!

I am so glad to announce that my bestfriend FINALLY got herself a car. I am so proud for her, and I want to congratulate her on the good news. The good news for me is that, now I wont have to listen to her excuses of not coming to Malacca or KL to meet up! YEAYYY!

The other thing that I cannot wait to do is drive around in her baby. Only after she finally struck up some nerves to drive it herself. Here is my friend, Lynn and her boyfriend in her new car. WOOHOO!

So, for other things. I finally paid my tuition fees. Was supposed to go back to Malacca for a day BUT decided to just fax the payment slip to them instead. Yeah, I was not going to waste the time and energy for it if I had a choice. To shorten the story -- I called for over 10 times to ask about it and at the end, I finally reached the person who was supposed to unbar me. Little did I know, I wasn't barred in the first place? Gah! They told me to check my Student Info Kiosk (which I never do), and actually see that I was never barred because PTPTN already did the honor of paying my damn tuition fees. Yeah, thanks. So much for panicking. So right now I have a negative balance in my account for MMU. That means I dont have to pay for next semester's fees. Yeay? It said that I had paid an advance. Dont flatter yourself, I wouldnt do it deliberately. My mistake. Oh well. On to more pressing matters.

Fida wants to pick me up and dragged me to her sister's new house so that I would help her paint the house. Her words were, "We'd finish faster if you'd help." She's lucky I'm a good friend. And anyway, I would just be lazying around the house watching TV and movies all day long anyway. I guess painting a house can be productive. Let loose of my creative soul. Well -- not exactly. I guess, it doesnt kill me to do something rather than nothing. So here goes, better get ready.

Im feeling quirky today. Time for some geeky moments. :D

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