Friday, February 4, 2011

To have good friends, you have to be one. So what is it going to be? :)

I think I can relate to that. I have these friends whom I trust with my life. We may lead different lives most of the time and away from each other -- but I can never think of anyone else besides them that I would consider my best friends. We may fight a lot, and for stupid reasons -- most of the time because of how one of us acted, but I think that no matter what we'd still be friends. I think we grew up over the years. Some people might think that by making us fight over trivial matters would make us realize that maybe we're not meant to be friends anymore. That it's the end of the road for our friendships. I know better than they would ever do. Fighting? We've been dealing with that since high school. Im glad that we're all grown up and are better in handling our issues now. I think everyone has an opinion about what I am like and who I really am, but I think even my bestfriends are still trying to figure me out. Personally, I believe that they truly know me and they still choose to be with me. That is pretty much the most important factor to our friendships. To know each other and still be together, that's what real friends are. I am very lucky to have met my bestfriends. I think I've acted my most crazy and out of control with them. The same goes to them. I had the most fun trying to figure out life with them with me. We grew up with each other. They're like my sisters. I dont have any sisters, but with them I know what it feels to have one -- or four? Haha. Other people usually come and go, and for 8 years and counting -- they're the ones who stayed. I cant ask for more. I'd love to say more, but I think for now, this is all I have to write.

In case anyone is wondering? They're my four bestfriends. You guys know who you are. I love you guys. Let's hope that our friendships will remain intact for years to come! And let's tick off that plan we had since ages ago to go on a roadtrip together off our list of what-to-do this year, SOON! I am looking forward to it. Let's make some new traditions and keep the old ones.

Four years can do a lot to a person. :) I think we've had the best childhood together. Remember our phases? We grew up gradually and progressively. Im pretty sure we've learned a lot and discovered a lot of things since the first time we met. We may not get to see each other as often as when we were younger, but I think our bond is stronger than ever. I love how even after months of not talking to each other, we can still pick up the phone and chat normally like we had a conversation just the other night. It's so funny how different we look! Girls -- who would've have thought we'd become more girly or lady-like? We didn't. GAH, I LOVE YOU GIRLS! Larrikins! Hahahaha. *hugs*


  1. Love u toooooo!!
    baru lah blog ni nampak menarik..
    ada gambar2.. :)

  2. AHAHAHAHAHA! cis! tau la kau suka baca buku bergambar. :P


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