Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chapter 1 : Let it begin shall we?

It's the 7th of October. It's been months since I've posted something. And this has become my overused phrase for me to say in my blog. Since im a very lazy person, I dont update much. I dont see any point in onlining that much either. I think I miss this. I'll try to write more. Today, im just going to write a post to say that -- IM BACK. :D

There's alot to write about, but I think I'll take my time. It's also the starting of a new semester. I think this is as good as any time to start a new chapter. :)

And for those that have been waiting patiently for new posts, thanks. To some, this is the only thing that's keeping you updated about me. So I'll update more. And to those that doesnt really care, dont bother reading if you're just trying to find things to talk crap about me. It's so 'mature' of you.

So -- until the next one!

Bye Bye.

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