Friday, October 9, 2009

.where it matters.

If it matters, make it known that it matters.

Ok, staying home without the car -- and absolutely no money -- is not so bad. I sleep all day. I wake up and online and then catch up on some TV time. Then to the bathroom, before putting on an oversize shirt -- this is so comfortable ok -- and shorts. Then dinner and just lazing around. HAH!

The best holiday, though it feels really short. Maybe because IT IS short. Oh,well. I dont mind starting the new semester. I kinda miss it. This semester will include : Basic Accounting for Lawyers, General Principles Of Law II, Introduction To Law and Critical Thinking. The one I'm actually not looking forward to is the Basic Accounting. That's why I went into Science Stream in the first place. But, what the hell, I dont mind giving it a try. :)

I hope I did well on my finals. I hate repeating. :/ Pray for me! && I cannot wait for my baby blue Kelisa to be discharged from the hospital! Sorry baby, for denting you.

&& I miss you Muhammad Asraf. :( Good luck for tmrw's exam. I know it's Math, but I believe in you! GO GO ACAP! :D

Until the next post!

Love, Aqi.

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