Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Losing sight.

A guilty pleasure,

Vanilla coke.

&& I am hungry. I feel like nuggets, but I am too lazy to fry some.


I found out today where I am going to be when the clock strikes 00:00am on 15th of October. I will be in a studio, in a place called Mamba with -- maybe five guys, practicing. So much for turning 21. Oh well, at least I am doing something. Rather than sitting at home. At least I get to spend it with those people. Even if they dont know it's my birthday.

And a friend is offering to lend me his guitar for Ara Fest. :) "Alaaaa, awat hang baik hati bebeno niiii!" But I think, I should at least give it a try first. I want to be prepared. Thanks ya Dollah. :D "Aku akan promotekan hang punya guitar."

No one is at home, so it's just me. Lily and Adlin asked me to come to their house, but I am dead tired. So I think I'll just see them before class tomorrow. I hope I wake up earlier than what I am used to. It's making me feel lazy, and lethargic. So no more slacking off! && trying to look forward to better practices until the big day.

&& I now have no expectations for my birthday. Oh, whatever. What am I? Nine? Then again.. *stomps feet*

Until the next post ya!

Love, Aqi.

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