Friday, October 9, 2009

tired tired tired !

People are simply not trustworthy. People CANNOT be trusted. Ok, I better add that SOME people are not to be trusted. Im pissed off. If I am a lawyer now, I'd find something to sue your ass off.

Moving on, I was out with Mama to George & Dragon for their best Sirloin Blackpepper Steak, with US Russet Baked Potato. Delicious, simply delicious. With Chuck Berry singing Johnny B. Goode in the background. What more can I ask for? We talked about some things that are happening, and some of the things I just found out about -- isnt exactly something that was easy on the ears. But, I know for a fact that papa is a superdad, -- if not a Google when he's at home, since he's the only one who can find things in this house -- he can manage through. I hope I can be more of assistance.

It's another few days until I'm off to Malacca. The hols are finishing, and it was a quick one. I dont think I did much. Just that I laze around and stayed in since I'm not feeling that well. Headaches are a bitch. Remind me to go and get my Malaysian Studies and Islamic Studies certificate from UCSI, so that I can do a credit transfer. I'd hate to take those subjects again. Tomorrow is the appointment with Spa Manja. I cannot wait for the Signature Detox Massage. Im taking the Celebrity Treatment. It consist of : Aroma Eye Treatment, Steam, Jacuzzi, -- this is what I'm talking about! -- Foot Soak, Boreh Scrub, the massage, and last but not least the Ear candling.

I think there's another one in the heart of KL. I remember wanting to book Mama a spa in KL, on Mother's Day. But couldnt because she was too busy and cant come to KL. Oh well, at least tomorrow we can enjoy a mother and daughter spa together. Weehoo!

Here's the info if you ever want to try it out,

This is the one in JB :

Spa Manja
162 Jalan Dato Sulaiman,
Century Garden,
80250 Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
To contact : 017 777 3393 / 07 3333 111
Operating Hours : 11am - 11pm
Call for appointment.
Gentleman and Ladies are welcomed.

Here is the website for further information, .

I need to relieve my tired muscles and relax.

Until the next post!

Love, Aqi.


  1. amboi2. celebrity spa treatment nampak. functionnn! hahahahaha :P

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! funcctiooonn ok! abg kacip~

    omg. we should make our own spa sleepover nanti! hahaha. wait for me muh darling!~


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