Sunday, October 11, 2009

Set it up!

I dont know. There must be something in the water, because I'm feeling so much better. Priorities have changed. Not for the bad I hope. I guess, Im trying to be more optimistic and positive about things. Thinking that, maybe if I am an optimist, then my outcomes are optimistic. I feel like, all of this time -- I've been drowning myself with unnecessary thoughts that plagues my mind. I've been feeding my negative thoughts until I'm so burnt out. Until I have no energy left for me to revive myself. To feel happy again.

"Im sick and tired of being sick and tired."
-Fannie Lou Hamer

So, here I am. Trying to re-organize my life. What comes first, and what I have to do to fulfill myself. Right now, there are so many things running inside my head. It's a wonder how I can even stop to write all this. I cannot believe that I am pretty excited to start things new again. I think, there were so many things that is so inconclusive in my life, it's like all this while -- I was hitting on the brakes. Putting my life on hold. Now -- I think I should have known any better that by putting it on hold, I could never truly enjoy the beautiful moments I am making today, tomorrow and the days to come. Im glad that today, my life is put into perspective. So I can see how much I am missing if I dont cherish every moment that I have.

Im supposed to sleep. Im supposed to wake up early tomorrow to run some errands and then go back to Malacca. I think Liyana and Adlin is already in Malacca. Liyana said something about Yassin recitings since their house have been problematic lately. I dont think my housemate is home. I think she's gone to some wedding in KL. That, or she's back in JB. So I'll probably be alone in the house. :( Sheesh. It'll be really lonely. *Sigh*

&&& Yes, I know baby. You're amazed by me. HAHA! Love you. Thanks for reading -- Well, at least you open it. Even if you skim my blog just to read the things I write about you. *rolling eyes*

Oh well, until the next post!

Love, Aqi.

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