Sunday, October 11, 2009

That little piece that's missing.

I hate being judged, and I dont take judgements well. As far as I am concern, I am not concerned at all of other people. My concerns are only towards me. I guess I can be called self-absorbed by some. But my values doesnt put me into that category as easy as one can say it. Ignorant.

I take failures fairly well when I have to. I dont see why I have to dwell on things that have already happened. No way of changing the outcome, so why bother trying to change the past when you can change the future. Something you have a chance on, rather than grasping for something that is not there anymore.

I am going back to Malacca in an hour or so. Or maybe more. It's already 2 hours past noon. I better go. My mood swings are swinging towards the negative part. And when I was so excited that things was so positive last night. Snap out of it, Aqi. You know better than to screw up.

Until the next one.

Love, Aqi. More or less.

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