Thursday, October 8, 2009

This October ; Ara Fest !

If you can come, then come to this. The details are as stated. I got this from another blogger. The admission fee is as follows :

- Rm 20 for 1 day
- Rm 35 for 2 days

As I am told,there will be a lot of amazing bands performing. One that I am looking forward to check out is Khottal. && I believe that Search is also performing.

Some of the bands that are performing are such as,

Pure Vibracion
Republic Of Brickfield

Second Combat
Oh Chentaku



Other than live performances there will also be other activities that sounds fun, since it's a collaboration with a bike rally. :) So come on down and just enjoy the festivities.

An update for the flyer !!

&&& dont forget to pay some extra attention to We Let Them Win :D

Until the next time I feel like posting!

Love, Aqi.


  1. i want to watch you play, baby. haha!

  2. hahaha. come la. and all i can see is you in the crowd baby! HAHAHA!


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