Monday, January 30, 2012

28//1//2012 & 29//1//2012

Lynn's Visit ; Second & Third Day!

So. on the second day -- I brought her to Lamongan, which is this amazing place that serves delicious Ayam Penyet. It's in MITC and it is near Mydin. If you want to know where it is better, to try it out just ask me. I sometimes eat there for 3-4 times a week because my friends and I just cant get enough of their 'sambal' or chilli paste. Then Ateng came to join us, so we stayed there for a couple of hours to just catch up and talk about upcoming events and shows. It's been a while since I talked about music-related-topics. 

After that, we went to Hang Tuah for some bundle-shopping. I didnt get to take her to the one in Dataran Pahlawan though because it was getting late. Then, we went to Jonker Walk again. We bought these sleeveless tees, 3 for RM50. Sometimes the stuffs in Jonker are pretty cheap if I think about it, but there are things here that I think are pretty expensive. If you're free, then come here, see for yourself. I love looking for accessories in Jonker. They have a lot interesting things. I bought my round-eye sunglasses (John Lennon inspired) in Jonker. Just walk around and look at everything, you just might find amazing things. I bought this heart-wings necklace there, I wear it all the time. I havent used my love-shaped britain flag earrings though. Should use it soon :)

We were supposed to have dinner at Laksamana Claypot Asam Pedas near Jonker, but everyone was still full. Lynn has been there before, so she didnt mind not going anyway. Everyone was pretty exhausted at the time. So we drove back home. We met our friend from our hometown, Matt, later that night and hung out with him. We've known him for 5-6 years? I cant really remember.

The next day -- it was time for Lynn to pack up her bags and get ready to go back to JB. We woke up earlier than we thought, since we slept late. Matt texted me, asking to come over to his house since his girlfriend cooked some spaghetti. We told him she's a keeper -- since she made us spaghetti after only first meeting us the night before. His house was pretty awesome. He painted the floor black instead of putting carpets, he had framed photos of bands and other cool designs, he had this collection of samurai swords and this little table by the balcony. All in all, it was a pretty cool house. 

Then it was off to Melaka Central to send Lynn off. We hung out at the McDonald there while waiting for her bus. 5pm came all too fast, so I hugged her goodbye and waved as she queued up. 

Went home and baked myself a potato, for dinner. Went to sleep around 10pm. 

Until the next post! I hope you enjoyed the photos. It was pretty much us cam-whoring the whole day. Sorry there weren't much interesting photos. We didnt get to do a lot of sight-seeing. Most of the time we were at home hanging out. Maybe the next time she comes, yeah? 

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