Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Have I ever shown you my paintings? :) Here are some. They're all up on my bedroom walls -- to remind me that nothing is impossible. They're not exactly works of art, but I am pretty proud of them. So here they are!

There are a few more, but I havent taken any pictures of them :) I will upload as soon as I do. The reason I started was because my mind was a mess, and painting on a blank canvas was very therapeutic. The next one is probably one of my favorite. I painted it for my brother Jafr, for his birthday. It took me a while to came up with it, but it was worth it. The trees represent how he is my shelter throughout my life as my brother -- the color purple represents what I remember seeing him in every morning when he wakes up -- yellow represents me, well it's my favorite color -- the colors surrounding the trees represent the days and nights that he's been there for me. I guess that's it. Tell me what you think of all the paintings. I'd love to know how you interpret them. All of us see things differently, lets share!

Until the next one, yeah?

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