Thursday, January 19, 2012

Masks on! Masks on!

So I am posting this while wearing a mask on my face. Tonight, I am using the Himalaya Fruit Pack -- which is here :
Last night, I wore one from The Face Shop, which is the Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask Sheet :
I dont really like sticky masks, but after wearing it, my face did feel a lot softer. It would really do a lot more, if I could just get my sleeping pattern back to normal. I am becoming more and more nocturnal nowadays. It's screwing up my body.

Info on the Face Shop Hyaluronic Acid Face Sheet Mask :-
The Face Shop Essential Mask Sheet Hyaluronic Acid Mask, a desire mask to supply moisture to skins. It contains Hyaluronic Acid to watering any dry, washed skins. It helps prevent the excess oil from skin when it is fully hydrated.
♡ What is Hyaluronic Acid, you ask? Well, from what it says at the back of the pack -- it is the key water maintaining substances in human skin and can bind 100-1000 times its own weight in moisture, keeping skin silky soft. (This is a fact, since I used it for a day and a friend of mine said my skin looked really good and asked what I was using -- thought it was Botox -__- , ok ignore the last comment like I did when my friend said it to me)

So some info about the Himalaya Fruit Pack Mask is as follow :-
♡Consist of Apple,Fig & Papaya. Apple, to improve and nourish skin texture --Fig/Cucumber provide cooling effect to the skin -- Papaya smoothens the skin -- Mineral clay soothes the skin and removes deeply embedded impurities.
♡The best thing about it is, it really does tighten your facial skin. You can feel that as it dries, it pulls your skin and make them look really smooth after you wash it off. What I dont like about it is the tingling feeling when you're putting it on. It goes away after a few seconds. I thought it was due to the fact that I have sensitive skin but I've read some reviews of it, seems like everyone is having the same experience.
If you have some breakouts, it will dry them up and you can just scrub your face with a scrub cleanser like Burt's Bees. It works wonders! I love this scrub!
I got this for free in a gift bag after a shooting for a magazine. I wasnt really sure if I was going to like it, but since my facial cleanser was finished at the time, thought of giving it a try. I love it. My face was cleared off from breakouts during 'that time of the month' (which is a real pain in the ass for my face and hormones). 
This deep cleansing natural scrub is clinically proven to exfoliate dead skin cells while refining the appearance of pores without over-drying or irritating skin. Salicylic acid, derived naturally from willow bark extract, penetrates deep into pores to help reduce acne and prevent future breakouts, while jojoba beads and a natural fruit acid complex combine to gently exfoliate resulting in clear and smooth skin, naturally. Dermatologist tested. Noncomedogenic.
It really does scrub your face without over-drying or irritating it. Your face feels really moisturized after washing it with this scrub. I love how it feels like you've already put on some moisturizer after rinsing it off. It's really good for those who have sensitive skin. You should really give it a try! It's almost finished, so I should really go and buy a new one soon.

So this post is getting too long. :) I'll post what I am using for cleansers and etc in another post soon, and why I am using them.


P/S : The title reminds me of when I played Paintball w/ the girls -- where we keep on taking our masks off after the game and getting yelled at by the marshals. Geez, we can hear you, you know?


  1. hi babe. love your blog. anyway, can you state the price for the items ? thank you (:

  2. thanks :)

    it's been a while since i bought them. but i can try to check em out. i'll update it soon, yeah? :)

  3. hey, updated prices for the products :)

    Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack
    = RM 24.90

    TheFaceShop Hyaluronic Acid Mask
    = RM 6.90 (i got it cheaper because there was a promotion at the time,so i got a about 3 diff ones)

    Burt's Bees Acne Solutions
    = RM 62.80 (quite $$ but it works well for me, and i use it on alternate days or when i feel like i need it so it takes me a while to finish it)

    so that's all :)


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