Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holga 135 & Quiver & PopmyApple

I got this yesterday. I went to SS2 with Ayap to pick it up and I was nervous. Didnt know if I would fall in love with it or regret buying it in the first place. The first I did when I got in the car was open the box and yeap, fell in love with it. It's so light and it's not that hard to figure out how to use. Loaded the film when we were in Serai for lunch and started snapping photos non stop. Finished my first roll in that few hours. Not really sure how it'll turn out -- so, hoping for the best! Im going to develop it soon. Im just a bit picky on where to send it. Wish someone could help me out. *sigh* Oh yeah, i butchered my second film because I didnt load it correctly. There goes one roll of film I never got to finish. Oh well, I'll get better at it. :)

So this is my first lomo camera. i'm going to save some money for the extras for this camera. More saving for my longboard! I went to wheel love yesterday and saw the Quiver. Looks promising. Im very excited! Did you know about PopmyApple? :D They're awesome. I went to the shop in SS15 yesterday and Ayap bought me a casing. He got this awesome one that made his iPhone 4 looked like a gameboy. They're not even ridiculously expensive. So, I'll probably be visiting it in the future again. :)

Until the next time! :)

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