Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quick, quick, jump the line to my side of town.

I just came back from Subang, and I am so stoked that I went shopping with my mom during hols. Got a lot of stuffs from Empire and some stuffs that I took from my mom that she's not using anymore :) So, the only thing I feel like getting right now are a pair of Brogues. Found a pair that's reasonably cheap online, so hoping that'll curb my shopping binge. Oh yeah, it'll be another few weeks until I get myself that Quiver I want. I'll just re-calculate my savings and see if I have enough so that I wont have to pull the pocket strings too much. A girl gotta eat, you know. Maybe I'll just eat whatever there is in the kitchen. Those bagels in the freezer are not going to be eaten if I wont be eating them. Mhhmm YUMM!

Being the idiot I am -- I posted before about the Olympus PEN that I wanted to get. I totally forgot that my mom already bought one ages ago! She lost her camera back when she was in UK, after she came back to Malaysia -- she bought a new camera since she needed one. A few days after purchasing it though, my brother took it with him. Maybe, that's why I dont really remember it. Since I didnt get to use it. I kind of remember trying to use it, and felt that it was a bit difficult to handle. It's an amazing camera though. So I called my brother and asked if I could have it -- and he said YES! WHOOHOO! So here I am with the Olympus PEN EP1 on my bed. Tried fooling around with it earlier but the battery died. Looked for the charger but I left it in the car! -___- *sigh* Im too lazy to get it from the car. So I guess I'll just charge it tomorrow before going out. I just hope the battery will last. Im going out with my friends so we can take some pictures. It's been a while since we took some decent pictures together. It'll be fun to experiment with the camera. I can learn a lot from an outing. If the battery dies, I'll have my Holga to take some pictures with. Yeay! (note: buy new films and send finished rolls to be developed)

Isnt it a beauty? *excited*
After turning it on,if you know what I mean. (ok this sounds so wrong)

Until the next one! See you!

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